Wednesday, April 19, 2006

How Long to Smoke Boston Butt

Q: About how long should a boston butt cook in a smoker?

A: How long to smoke a boston butt really depends on the size and how hot you are running your smoker so I will give you the basics on this without getting too lengthy.

Assuming you are able to maintain a perfect smoking temp of around 225 degrees and the weather is fairly normal such as no high winds and ambient outside temperatures are above 40-50 degrees, you should be able to figure on around 1.5 hours per pound.

Let's say you have a 8 pound boston butt (also known as pork butt).. we'll take 8 and multiply it by 1.5 giving us an estimated time frame of 12 hours in the smoker from start to finish.

Anytime you are using the smoker it is an estimate since so many variable and factors have to be taken into account.

For more reading on how to smoke a perfect pork shoulder see my article in the November edition of the Smoking Meat newsletter.


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