Saturday, May 27, 2006

Tips for Smoking Venison

Q: Jeff I have some venison that someone just gave me looks like some roast, any tips on smoking this so it won't dry out . The last time that I smoked some venison it looked like hockey pucks when it was done I know being game meat that it's very lean so it will dry out quickly any ideas. or would I be better off to grill it over some charcoal.

A: I don't get too many opportunities to smoke venison and from what I know about venison, it is leaner than most other smoking meats. Having said that, I know a few tricks to helping lean meats turn out moist and I will try to share a few of those and perhaps it will help.

You need to make sure and marinate it with a good marinade and for that I recommend doing a search on for "venison marinade"

Prepare the venison as you would any beef roast, such as cutting slits in the meat and inserting garlic cloves, rubbing it with a good all purpose meat rub (not too heavy).

The meat will need to be basted often as it smokes to keep the outside from drying out.. you can do this manually with a basting brush and some marinade, beer, apple juice, butter, etc. or you can drape lots of fatty bacon over the meat (you can hold it on with toothpicks) and as the fat from the bacon melts it will keep the meat basted throughout the smoke.

Be sure and don't overcook the venison.. remove it from the smoker about 5 degrees before it reaches it's target temperature (about 145 for a venison roast) and it will continue to increase in temperature for 10 minutes or so bringing it on up to where it supposes to be.

Visit for hundreds of great tutorials and guides on smoking meat.

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