Friday, June 09, 2006

How to Make Pulled Turkey

Q: How do you smoke turkey for pulled turkey?

A: I have not tried this delicasy however, I hear it is an excellent subsititue for pulled pork for those with heath requirements.

Based on what little I know about it, you smoke turkey legs for about 3 hours using your favorite wood such as apple, hickory, mesquite, plum, etc. and then continue to cook them at 225 degrees until they reach 165 degrees.

Remove the turkey legs from the smoker, double wrap them in foil, wrap them in a thick towel and place in a cooler for about an hour.

One recipe I saw recommended you place some vaunted vinegar in with the legs before wrapping but I think apple juice might be just as good.

Remove the legs from the cooler, unwrap, remove the skin and shred into pieces just as you would pulled pork.

Another idea is to mix pulled turkey with pulled pork giving you at least 50 percent less pork fat and you still get a lot of that unbeatable pork flavor.

Visit for hundreds of great tutorials and guides on smoking meat.

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