How to Modify the Brinkmann ECB

Hello and welcome to the July 2008 edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter. In this months edition we are covering a question that comes up a lot in any given month and that is "How to control the temperature in your ECB smoker". I have complete instructions below that will show you how to get the most out of your Brinkmann charcoal water … [Read more...]

Creative Smoking with Foil Pans

Foil Pans for Smoking - A Great Idea!! One of the newest things I have been doing is implementing the use of foil pans into the smoking process. Some of you may already do this but I was a little slow at using them since it does seem like it would hinder the flow of smoke and allow the meat to sit in juice for several hours.. this would be nothing short of boiling the meat if only … [Read more...]

Smoked Ham Recipe – December 2008 Newsletter

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays friends! I love this time of year... actually, I love the season that runs from Thanksgiving all the way to the new year. It just seems to me that folks are happier and there is a little more cheer in the air and my smoked ham recipe will cheer you up for sure! With the downturn in the economy of late, it may seem … [Read more...]

Six Steps to Smoking A Turkey – November 2008 Newsletter

Hello friends! Welcome to the annual Thanksgiving edition of the Smoking Meat newsletter. In this issue we always try to go over some tips on how to smoke the holiday bird and in doing so, I like to try and instill some "you can do it" confidence as well to help you along. Turkey is not really that difficult to smoke and the good thing is that like most poultry, … [Read more...]

How to Smoke a Sausage Fatty – October 2008 Newsletter


Welcome to the October 2008 edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter! In this writeup I have put together a really good recipe for you.. not only easy but very, very tasty. We'll get to that in a moment.. Please keep in mind that this site is supported solely by the products that are offered, my awesome recipes and your generous donations. If you appreciate this site and all of … [Read more...]

Meat Safety – September 2008 Smoking Meat Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the September edition of the smoking meat newsletter... hoping most of you are into some cooler weather and with the nip in the air comes the desire to bathe yourselves in the wonderful smell of hickory, mesquite, pecan and various other great smelling smoking woods. Not to put a damper on this wonderful time of year but this month we are going to be dealing … [Read more...]

Question & Answer Session – August 2008 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the smoking meat newsletter. We have been having unseasonably cool weather here in Oklahoma and the smoking adventures have been quite a bit more pleasant than what I am accustomed to this time of year. I sincerely hope that all of you are having as wonderful of an August as I am! In this months session we are going to be taking a … [Read more...]

Smoking Ribs, Chicken & Bologna – June 2008 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the June 2008 edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter. With July 4th just around the corner, we are going to look at some basics on how to make your independence day cook a major success. In years past I have only covered one type of meat in this special holiday edition, however, this year, I am going to attempt to give you some very helpful pointers on … [Read more...]

Smoked Pork Tenderloin – May 2008 Smoking Meat Newsletter

For my smoked pork tenderloin recipe, I bought 2 packages of the tenderloins which were double packed so I ended up with 4 tenderloins about 3 x 12 and 1/2 to 3/4 thick or so. I fired up the big smoker with pecan and worked to get a good bed of coals going and the smoker maintaining about 250. Meanwhile my 12 year old daughter was in the house making fresh batch of my … [Read more...]

Q & A Session – April 2008 Smoking Meat Newsletter

Hello friends and welcome to the April issue of the Smoking Meat newsletter. I actually had it planned to send this out last week but due to some unforeseen circumstances, you are getting it a mere week later;-) I have had great reviews in the past when I featured questions and answers so in keeping with my promise to do that occasionally, here you go.. … [Read more...]