Big Green Egg Instructions


The Big Green Egg is one of my newest smokers slash cookers slash grills and while I am not hung up on the brand name like some folks, it does exactly what it was designed to do and it does it well. I have a feeling that all of the ceramic cookers do a pretty good job regardless of the brand name. The folks at the store tried hard but were not able to talk me into the absolutely necessary stand … [Read more...]

2-2-1 Ribs on the Big Green Egg Ceramic Cooker


Hello and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter where I have some exciting meat smoking information lined up for you.. specifically baby back ribs also called loin back ribs. One of the most frequent questions that I get in my email inbox is how to achieve "fall off the bone" tender ribs and while many of our competition friends and judges frown on ribs that are that … [Read more...]