Bourbon Smoked Chuck Roast


This bourbon smoked chuck roast is first injected and soaked in a bourbon marinade overnight then cooked in the smoker until it is beautiful, tender and juicy beyond words. Try your next chuck roast in the smoker instead of the crock pot and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised! Share:    Get the Recipes for Jeff's Rub and Sauce My original rub is mixed with bourbon, beef broth and a … [Read more...]

Smoked Chuck Roast – Pulled and Chopped


Most of the time when you think of smoked beef, your mind goes to brisket but if you have not tried a smoked chuck roast then you are missing out. Completely tender and moist and pulls like a pork butt when you cook it long enough. I normally see these in the store at 2-3 lb sections so if you want a big one in the 8-10 lb range you usually have to let the butcher know so he can cut it for you … [Read more...]

Smoked Chuck Roast with Potatoes and Carrots


Hello and welcome to the very first edition of the smoking meat newsletter for 2013 with the hope of many more to come! I am excited for what this year has to offer those of us who are passionate about smoking meat and cooking outdoors. I have a notebook full of recipe ideas to try and perfect and you guys will get to be the honorary recipients of those recipes in this … [Read more...]

Smoked Chuck Roast- January 2011 Newsletter


Hello friends and welcome to a brand new year chock full of my favorite smoking recipes and tips on cooking outdoors. With it being so cold in a lot of areas and this being January, many of you might not think of smoking meat right now but I would like to encourage you to get out there and make it happen. If you're thinking that I'm crazy and it just isn't going to happen then … [Read more...]