The Smoking Meat FAQ

Another brand new part of the smoking meat website.. you ask questions and I answer them. These are actual emails I have recieved from web visitors on various subjects related to smoking meat. Most of my answers are so long and detailed that each one takes up a separate page. Simply click on the one that interests you to go to the specific page. Basics of Smoking a … [Read more...]

FAQ – Using Pecan Wood

Q: I have some pecan I would like to smoke with, how long do you let it "season" b4 using it? A: Pecan is an excellent wood.. I like to let any wood season for a minimum of 6 months in the dry before using. This will still give you a lot of flavor while decreasing the creosote in the smoker.   Return from Using Pecan Wood to Home … [Read more...]

FAQ – Smoking Time for a 5 Pound Pork Butt and Best Rub for Beginner

Q: i am looking to smoke a pork shoulder picnic roast for the first time. It will be smoked in a smoker with an offset firebox. It weighs about 5 lbs and i was wondering how much smoke time do you think it should have and what would be the best rub for a beginner. A: A 5 pound pork shoulder(picnic) will require 7.5 hours of total cook time.. that is 1.5 hours per pound. If you have a … [Read more...]

FAQ – Problem Maintaining Heat in Square Brinkmann Smoker with Side Firebox

These are actual questions I have received from web visitors via email and my answers back to them: Q: Jeff, I have a square  box smoker (Brinkman) with the smoker box on the side. I have a real problem keeping the heat at a constant 225 degrees. It seems like I must keep alot of wood burning in it or the temperature barely will get to 180 degrees. Do I just have a cheap smoker … [Read more...]

FAQ – Problem with Tough, Inedible Chicken and Turkey Skin

Q: We got our smoker for Thanksgiving (Cabella propane) and love it, but both times we've cooked chicken/turkey, the skin is inedible.  Like leather.  The meat is great - we've brined it both times. How do you keep the skin from being so tough? Thanks. A: On poultry the skin does seem to take the brunt of the smoke and heat and usually turns out … [Read more...]

FAQ – Information on Making Sausage, Salami and Prosciutto

Q: Thanks for the continued effort Jeff! Love this stuff.... I have some meat related questions but they're actually pre-smoking questions, preparation really. Hopefully you'll have an idea or a reference for me. I'm a big fan of salami other cured meats, I want to make my own stuff and then smoke it! I think it would be amazing. I need some help on how to make the salami / … [Read more...]

FAQ – How to Smoke a Venison Ham

Q: How would i smoke a venison ham?  What would make it outstanding?  Thanks A: I have not smoked a venison ham.. I have smoked other venison and with great results. I did some research to see if I could find something interesting and followed certain ingredients which I know to be complimentary to venison. Here is a recipe that tends to work well.. 1 … [Read more...]

FAQ – How to Smoke a Whole Chicken

These are actual questions I have received from web visitors via email and my answers back to them: Q: please help me with smoking a whole chicken. I`ve tried things but can`t get a great spicy taste throughout and family says it`s plain tasting. A: Have you tried brining? Brining is a process in which you soak the chicken (or any meat) in a salt, sugar and water solution … [Read more...]

FAQ – How Long to Smoke a Brisket

Q: Sir, Do you have a best guess on how long a 8-10 lbs brisket at 200-225 will take to get done. I was thinking about 1 hour per pound. Is this close. thank you! A: You can usually figure about 1.5 hours per pound at 225 degrees for brisket, pork shoulder and other larger pieces of meat. Several things can affect this time such as wind, temperature and how often you … [Read more...]

FAQ – How to Find Different Barbecue Woods like Apple, Plum, Peach, Pecan, Etc.

Q: Could you give me a good place to buy wood CHUNKS for smoking.I would like to try different types.Hickory and Mesquite is all I have found in chunks.Thanks A: I wish I had a good answer for you on that.. the best way I have been able to find the good flavored wood like apple, plum, cherry, etc. is to just find someone who needed a tree cut down and I would offer my services in exchange … [Read more...]