Smoked Burger Dogs & Smoking Meat Help


Why make folks choose between a hotdog or a hamburger! Give them the smoked burger dog and they'll all be happy. It's a half pound burger with two of your favorite hotdogs cooked into it. Add a little cheese in the center and you have a crowd pleaser that won't stop this Labor Day! I make these on the smoker with plenty of smoke but you could also grill them or even fry them if you were so … [Read more...]

Onion Cola Ribs and Brats for Memorial Day


Memorial day is one of the biggest outdoor cooking days of the year and while you have lots of options, I am going to show you how to make my onion and cola smoked spare ribs as well as smoked brats and smoked boudin. I hope all of you have a wonderful time with family and friends as you think upon and honor those no longer with us. Look no further than the smoking meat newsletter archive to … [Read more...]

9 Smoking Meat Recipes for Easter Dinner

Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham

Cooking Easter dinner on the smoker or grill may not be traditional but it might just be the best holiday dinner you've ever had. Almost any kind of meat cooked in the oven, is even better cooked in the smoker and this includes lamb, ham, beef, pork, and even fish and seafood. In this newsletter, I am going to direct your attention to 9 of my favorite holiday smoking meat recipes of all time. … [Read more...]

Holiday Meat Smoking Tips

Holiday Meat Smoking Tips

It's been a great year and I can think of no better way to end it on a good note than to spend time with family and great friends sharing wonderful food smoked in your own backyard. In an effort to help as many of you as I can, I will be giving a lot of tips, tricks and general information about a large variety of meats that can be smoked and cooked in your smoker and … [Read more...]

Smoked Pork Crown Roast

Smoked Pork Crown Roast

When it comes to the Christmas feast, my theory is "go big or go home". You want to do something that will make folks say, "Wow!" and there is nothing quite like a smoked pork crown roast when it comes time to make a great impression for the folks you love and care about. A pork crown roast is basically a couple of pork loins with the ribs still attached, formed into a … [Read more...]

Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham

Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham

For the past several weeks we've been talking about smoking turkey and getting ready for the big day. In this newsletter, we'll finish up the 2013 Thanksgiving series with a few more tips and instructions for smoking the turkey and I'll show you how to double smoke a ham. I'll also show you how to inject the ham with a rum or maple sauce before you smoke it to make it … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked turkey breast is a better option for folks who do not care for dark meat or if you are cooking for a smaller crowd. It's also a little fancier in my opinion and for something like Thanksgiving, that can be important. Turkey breasts come as bone-in and boneless but I prefer to purchase the whole bone-in turkey breast and I'll either cook them just like they are or sometimes … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey with Bacon Butter


For the next three weeks, we are going to be getting prepared for smoking turkey and ham on that big Thanksgiving day.. the biggest smoking day of the year. I get more emails, more questions, and more feedback during the month of November than any other month of the year bar none and this has been consistently true for the past nine years that we have been … [Read more...]

Smoking Meat Help For Labor Day 2013


Labor day, starting out as something very political, has become a holiday that celebrates family and friends, the end of a wonderful summer, the welcome arrival of cooler weather and a day off work for many of us. For me, it's another great excuse to spend valuable time with my my family while I do a little cooking on the smoker or grill. In this newsletter, I will be … [Read more...]

Smoking Meat Tips for July 4th


Hello and welcome to the special July 4th edition of the smoking meat newsletter. I have received a ton of great questions about holiday cooking over the last week or two and I decided to give out a few tips to help some of you have a better chance at being really successful with your cooking during this holiday. Smoking meat, barbecue and fireworks just sort … [Read more...]