Barbecue rubs are undoubtedly the best-kept secret to great ribs and almost any meat. I do not believe there is anything quite as tasty as a delicious plate full of tender spare ribs coated with my favorite rub. There are so many varieties and it is quite easy to mix up a batch.

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As you all know by now.. I am big on experimenting with your own recipes and concoctions. This is no different with rubs. Start with the basics like sugar, salt, pepper, cayenne, and chili powder then try adding some of your favorite spices like cumin or cinnamon or ground lemon peel, etc.

Very important! Write down the ingredients of your barbecue rubs in a notepad or cooking journal. Believe will not remember later exactly what you put in and in what amounts. Besides, if you want to increase or decrease amounts of something later you will have to know how much you used originally.

I coat the meat with yellow mustard before sprinkling on my barbecue dry rub to help it stick better. The meat does not taste like mustard when it's all said an done and creates a really nice crust.

Please note: just because a barbecue dry rub such as my very own, "Jeff's naked rib rub" was designed especially for ribs or brisket does not mean it can't be used on other types of meat. Some of these barbecue rubs have been used on many different cuts of pork, beef, and chicken with great success.

You can find some decent rub and even sauce recipes online if you look but if you really want the best, then you'll have to invest in the best and purchase my very own recipes. Not only does that support this website, you will be so glad that you did..

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