I decided to talk a bit about the commercial barbecue pit after discovering that there was a huge demand for information and very little supply. I happen to know a few things about it that I am willing to share as long as you keep in mind that I am not the authority on the subject..

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There are several reasons for wanting a commercial barbecue pit one of them being the fact that you either own a restaurant or are setting up restaurant that will require smoked or barbecued meats.

You may also be in the market for a commercial smoking unit if you are a caterer or are setting up a catering business that will serve smoked barbecued meats and foods.

Unlike the backyard smoker like myself and many others who enjoy tending the fire, mopping the meat and being proud of yourself while the smoke and aromas roll over the neighborhood.. the commercial smoker needs a unit that can maintain steady temperatures with as little attention as possible.

The commercial smoker needs a unit with a sensor that increases and decreases air flow in order to thermostatically control the heat and thus save precious time. It may also have an electric element that heats the wood and creates the smoke thereby accurately controlling the heat while providing the wood flavored smoke that will turn your meat into juicy, succulent morsels that your customers will die for.

He also needs a unit that will smoke a whole lot of meat with minimum wood usage since he is in the business to make money and therefore must watch his dollars very carefully in order to stay in business and be able to compete with the competition.


In preparing for this page I spent some considerable time doing research to find the ultimate commercial barbecue pit that would provide all of these needs and I found just the thing..

The Southern Pride Company at www.southern-pride.com is one of the websites I ran across that seems to have a nice range of products that fit the bill quite nicely.

They have models that are electric as well as gas and as I mentioned before, they are thermostatically controlled and burn fireplace size logs.

If anyone knows of other dealers who offer a commercial barbecue pit please let me know and I will get the information added to this page.

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