Hello friends and welcome to the October edition of the most read barbecue/smoking meat newsletter online. As a lot of you know, I have been very, very busy moving out to our new 10 acre property and it is beautiful beyond words.

I have a small apple and peach orchard just ready to be tended to and more than 30 pecan trees that are absolutely loaded and ready to drop just after the first frost. There is a small creek that runs diagonally across my property on the south side of the house and plenty of raccoons, squirrels, deer and other wildlife to enjoy as well as some other not so enjoyable critters such as snakes. The first night we killed a timber rattler that was crawling thru the garage as if he belonged there.

I am truly feeling like davy crockett in the new frontier at the moment but that is a matter of perspective simply because I have been an urban dweller for most of my adult life.

I am looking forward to some major gardening next season to go along with the smoking.

There are a few downsides.. my cell phone does not work that well and piping in high speed internet was an act of congress! It is a major ordeal to go into town and we have learned to ask everyone in the house if they need anything while we are out.. all in all we are adjusting quite well and personally.. I am in Heaven!

Well, I knew everyone was wondering about that so now you know and now let's get into what is truly interesting.. smoking meat!


Here is the lineup for this month.. enjoy!

Results From Last Month's Experiment

I have had hundreds of emails asking about the results from the baby beer can chickens and I have to admit that I absolutely forgot to write about that.. you would think that it would be a logical conclusion to any experiment to give the results but go figure.. I simply forgot so somebody shoot me!

Anyway.. the toss up was between the V8 chicken and the Pineapple juice chicken and I think the pineapple was the most tasty of all. To me the tomato flavor just did not have a lot in common with the chicken whether it was smoked or not.

So there you have it.. if any of you tried it I would like to hear what you thought about it.


Easy Pulled Pork

Some of you are no stranger to pulled pork however based on the thousands of emails I get on the subject there is still a lot of questions about it and you will be happy to note that it is one of the easiest, most forgiving, and tastiest meats you can smoke.

That is great news for you newbies since I am going to tell you how to impress everyone with your new found cooking skills without knowing everything yet or having mastered the more difficult things.

Pulled Pork is simply shreds of meat from the shoulder of a pig.. usually the shoulder is cut into two pieces called the "Picnic" and the "Butt" also called the "Boston Butt". In my humble opinion the butt makes the best pulled pork and it has a shank bone right through the center of the meat which tends to make the meat taste sweeter.

When shopping for a pork butt, look for one in the 6 to 8 pound range and one that has lots of fat marbling within the meat for the best flavor.

Preparation of the butt is simply rinsing it real well under cool water and setting it aside. You will then want to mix up a batch of my rib rub or if you have another favorite rub that will probably work ok.

Once the rub is mixed up and ready, coat the butt with yellow mustard and then apply generous portions of the rib rub all over the meat making sure to get it into all of the crevices as well.

a quick break..

By the Way..

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Back to the main article..

Get your smoker fired up and adjusted for a 225-240 degree fire and once the smoker is smoking and ready to go, place the butt in the smoker and go fix a tall glass of iced tea of your favorite beverage.

You can plan on roughly 1.5 hours per pound to get it done.

If you are using a non-wood smoker such as charcoal, gas or electric, you will want to keep applying smoke for about half of the cook time or until it reaches 140 degrees or so and that should be full of flavor by then. I like to use mesquite, apple, or cherry but pick your favorite wood and go for it and don't be scared to try new kinds of wood as long as it is a hardwood and is good for smoking.

I recommend using a probe meat thermometer like the Taylor version sold at Amazon.com or the maverick remote thermometer but you may also be able to find a suitable one at your local department store.

Once the meat reaches 140 to 160 degrees, I generally recommend wrapping in foil for the remainder of the process however, I tried something new last week and it worked marvelously.

Instead of foil, place the butt in a large pot with lid and let it remain covered until it reaches 205 degrees.

Once it reaches temperature, you can bring it in and put it in the oven on the warm setting for a couple of hours to hold it if you need to or you can let it rest with the lid slightly ajar to help dissipate some of the heat for about 30 minutes.

Once the resting period is over just use a couple of forks to begin pulling the meat apart.. you will find that it will fall apart with very little pulling actually required. The bone in the center will pull right out and can be discarded* properly.

Stir the meat around with the juices and serve on buns with my famous barbecue sauce..

*Note: I have been notified that giving cooked bones to a dog can splinter and be quite dangerous in the digestive tract. Upon further research it seems that this information is very true and should be adhered to in the best interest of your dog.


Jeff's Naked Rib Rub and BBQ Sauce Recipes

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  1. Mike Bibler August 17, 2013 at 12:45 pm - Reply

    Enjoy your news letter very much and will be ordering your receips very soon – now to my question. I was just given a Brinkmann Gourmet electric smoker and grill and noticed that there is no temp gauge on the unit, plan on buying a couple of thermometers, but in the mean time do you have any idea what the internal temp is on this unit when plugged in. thank you and i'll be getting that order off soon for the rub and sauce receipts,


    • Jeff Phillips August 19, 2013 at 11:26 am - Reply

      As long as you keep the water pan full, it will stay at about 250 generally. As the water pan empties due to evaporation, the heat will gradually increase and can end up around 280.

      I recommend topping off the water pan when it gets to the half way point to keep the heat more constant.

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