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Pit Boss 440 Pellet Smoker with Nascar Logo: Review

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This Pit Boss 440 pellet grill sports the official Nascar logo and if portable is what you’re looking for then this is a great option. With a black body and a Nascar red front lid, it looks sharp and cooks like a champion!

I have not had a chance to take this thing camping yet but you can bet a couple of briskets that I will be doing that soon. Did I mention the legs fold up? This means it will fit into almost any size vehicle, even the Mini Cooper that I drive.

Oh, and if you have an RV or a travel trailer, this would be a perfect carry-along grill and smoker.

Already know you want to purchase this? You can do that HERE.

For the rest of you, let’s look at all the features!


The controller on this one contains a dial for setting the temperature, two thermometer probe inputs and an on/off switch. This unit also ships with (2) meat probes that plug into the inputs on the front of the controller.

IMG 4011

The hole in the side of the smoke chamber allow you to feed the probes inside so you can keep an eye on the meat temperature as it cooks.

IMG 3989

One feature that I really like on all Pit Boss smokers is the “Prime” button which makes the auger turn adding more pellets to the burn pot. The prime button is great for adding more smoke just before removing the food from the smoker or for getting the pellets to the burn pot before first use or after the hopper runs out of pellets, etc.

The controller on the 400 maintains temperatures within +/- 15°F similar to the way your home oven regulates the temperature.

The digital readout is easy to see during the daytime and the backlighting makes it easy to see at night.


While the hopper on this thing only holds 5 lbs, this is really perfect for a portable model to cut down on the weight and it’s easy to add more pellets as needed while the thing cooks up a meal for everyone.

IMG 3983

Just in case you want to change out the pellets or empty them out before heading away from camp, there’s a plug in the back to facilitate this.

The back of the hopper also contains a bracket for wrapping up the power cord and keeping it neat and tidy when not in use.

IMG 3987

Smoke Chamber

On the very bottom of the smoke chamber is a burn pot. This is where the pellets dump into and the ignitor lights them creating heat and smoke for cooking and flavoring your food.

IMG 3997

IMG 3999

Over the top of the burn pot is the heat deflector to create an indirect cooking environment by forcing the heat and smoke to move up the sides of the smoke chamber rather than directly up to the meat.

IMG 3994

Indirect heat is how most food is cooked in a smoker however if you want to put some direct flames on your food, you can certainly do that by moving the flame broiler plate to the side, opening up the heat deflector and allowing the flames to leap up the grate thereby searing a steak or putting some nice grillmarks and char on whatever you happen to be cooking.

IMG 3995

The bottom grates and the upper grate are coated with porcelain making them extremely durable and very easy to clean.

IMG 3992

On the lid of the smoke chamber is a dial thermometer which gives you a large, easy to read indicator of the heat inside.

IMG 3981

Instead of a chimney, there are holes on the upper back side of the smoke chamber which allows the smoke to exit.

IMG 3986

Grease Management

If you look at the heat deflector in the images above, you’ll notice that it is rounded and higher in the middle with troughs on the side.

This is by design– the grease runs down into these troughs or gutters where the grease is directed downhill to the another gutter and then a drain tube which leads out to a grease bucket.

This is the final grease trough without the heat deflector installed (so you can see it better) and the inside view of the drain tube.

IMG 4002

Outside view of the drain tube and the hanging grease bucket.

I use foil inserts made for the grease buckets to make cleanup even easier.

IMG 4003

The grease management system does a great job of keeping the grease contained instead of allowing it to run down into the body of the smoker.

For the price of this thing and all of the features that it comes with, I haven’t found anything to complain about yet. If I do, it will be posted here in the future.

It is obvious to me that this Pit Boss 440 with Nascar logo was well thought out and engineered to do exactly what it should.

Let me know in the comments below if you have this smoker and what you think about it. Is there anything that you don’t like about it? Let us know that as well.

If you are looking for a portable pellet smoker, this just might be the one for you.

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  1. I purchased this smoker a year ago,it has become my hobby. I follow Jeff with his recipes and they are terrific. I’m a senior and whatever I make it seems to be a gem. The Pit Boss to me is the only way to go. Way to go Jeff…..thank you!!!!!

  2. I got this smoker about 6 months ago and love the portability of it. I’ve cooked everything from pizza to briskets, pork ribs, and dirty rice just to name a few. The only drawback is that the smoker runs hotter on the left side where the heat source is so you have to turn things regularly to prevent overcooking. I have another brand smoker that is also portable and I like both of them for different reasons. It’s a great portable smoker and I’m glad I got it!

  3. I have this style of pit boss and have been using it for 2 years and have absolutely nothing bad to say about it. I have smoked everything from brisket to chicken to dessert and it worked without a hitch on everything. I would recommend this type of smoker for a beginner, easy to operate, holds temperature well and is easy to clean.