Hello and welcome to the September edition of the smoking-meat.com monthly newsletter. I am your host, Jeff Phillips, and I will endeavor to keep the newsletter short and to the point with as much good info as possible without boring you to death with small details.

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This is the lineup for this month:

  • Barbecue Tip Submissions Smoked Meat Loaf
  • The Long Awaited Barbecue Forum

Barbecue Tip Submissions

Wow! Labor day is over and summer is quickly winding down. Where does the time fly off to anyway!?? I am so excited about some of the new stuff that has been added to the site recently including the barbecue tips page where all of you barbecuers out there can submit ideas, tips, and hints on creating better barbecue. I know there are some of you that have discovered new ways of doing things and I really want to hear about it. Simply go to the barbecue tips page at /barbecue-tips and fill in the form. You will see your tip posted within a few days with your name by it unless you specify that you would like to remain anonymous.


Famous Smoked Meat Loaf

I just recently added one of my secret recipes to the website… you probably have never heard of this much less tasted it but it will be sure to blow you away when you do.

Just about everybody loves meat loaf and you can do so much with it.. you can eat it plain or with several sides like mashed potatoes and gravy or you can slice it thick and make sandwiches out of it…. I have not had supper yet and I am torturing myself as I write… why do I do this to myself;-)

Anyway.. I have had some good feedback on the meat loaf from folks who have tried it and I have picked one of them to show you:

This is an actual email I received last week:

I have one word to sum up my smoked meatloaf, WOW! As fate would have it, two days after I found your web page hurricane Francis slammed into us here in South Florida. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) my parents who live in Boca Raton lost power and brought what meat they had to my house. After grilling some chops, chicken etc, I noticed the only thing left was a couple of pounds of ground meat. I instantly thought of your web page and fired up the smoker. I stayed up till 11pm to cook the loaf and it was unbelievable. My family agreed, my Dad said it was the best meat loaf he ever ate! I made a standard meat loaf, much like your recipe but I also added parm cheese, onion powder, Italian seasoning and, red pepper flakes and probably a few other things. As most people know, you can pretty much toss anything into a meat loaf and it comes out good. Since I already had charcoal going, I added Hickory and stabilized the temp at 250. I smoked it for a little over 2 hours till it got to the correct temp. Since it was late, I tried it that night (awesome!) and we had sandwiches the next day. You were right, they thought I was crazy, but were amazed. You'll never see a meatloaf in the oven again, great idea!

Andrew Mackey

Thank you Andrew for those nice words…. Folks you just have to try it and then let me know what you think…. and while you are at it feel free to send me one of your own favorite recipes and who knows I may feature it on a future newsletter and on the website.


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Jeff's Top Secret Recipes

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