Good afternoon and welcome to the June edition of the monthly newsletter. I am your host, Jeff Phillips, and I have lots of great information for you in this edition including some super exciting things that are happening at and How to Smoke Bologna the Oklahoma way.


Happy Father's Day

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you Dads a happy Father's Day! I hope all of you get lots of barbecue tools, new smokers and grills, and have the time of your lives with those you love on Father's day.

We have a ton of great information in this issue so let's get right to it!


How to Smoke Bologna

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the number of people who have told me recently that they have never had smoked bologna (baloney as we call it it northeastern Oklahoma).

Folks, folks, folks! If you have never wrapped your hungry, quivering lips around a piece of wood smoked bologna then you have yet to live.

Bologna will never be the main attraction most likely but it works so well when you serve it as an extra meat along side your ribs, brisket or pulled pork.

Here is how you do it:

Buy a 5 pound block of bologna at your local meat market or grocer, unwrap, and throw on the smoker for about 2 or 3 hours while everything else is smoking away. It really is that simple.

I like to cut the chub into 4 spears.. just quarter the 5 pound chub lengthways and the smoke is then able to get to the center much better.

You can also cut those spears up into smaller pieces and just pile them in a pan and place that in the smoker.. yummy!



Another overlooked item is the vast array of sausages that are oh so tasty when they are smoked or grilled. I like the big, fat, hot links but suit yourself on what you buy. Brats, Boudin, the Echridge sausages, you name it.. Throw it on the smoker for several hours and it takes on a whole new flavor.

Serve with some great tasting sauce and you will truly be in barbecue heaven!


Ok.. let's talk rib skirts..

You know the little flap on the bone side of the spare ribs? This needs to be removed along with the membrane before smoking them ribs to allow the smoke to get to the meat a little better. Cut them little pieces of heaven up into 3 inch strips or so, dust them lightly with your favorite rub and smoke them for an hour and a half or so until they get tender.. the pitmaster (that's you) will have a wonderful treat only an hour and a half into the smoke.


Brisket Bone from Spare Ribs

Another great item on the spare ribs is the brisket bone… it runs perpendicular to the ribs and if you are like me and prefer to trim the ribs.. this piece comes off. Well go ahead and smoke it with everything else and throw it in the freezer for the next pot of beans, soup, or stew.

While the beans or soup is cooking, get one of the brisket bones out of the freezer and add it to the pot for an absolutely delectable delight. The smoky meat will come off the bone into the beans or soup and create a flavor that will literally knock your socks off! This is something you must try!


Smoked Meat Drippings

If you are making baked beans or maybe just regular pintos or white beans try this..

Place the pan of beans in the smoker for several hours under the pulled pork, brisket or ribs and allow the drippings to drip off right into the pan… this works best in a vertical smoker with multiple racks but can be accomplished in any smoker with a little modification.

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