Smoked Christmas Chickens

2018-04-30T15:36:54+00:00 By |

These smoked cornish hens are spatchcocked (butterflied), dry brined overnight, coated with a special mayo, herb & rub mixture and then smoked until they are juicy, tender and delicious! Might be the best chicken I've had in a while and if you are looking for something to cook for your Christmas guests that will surprise and delight without breaking the [...]

2017 Christmas Gift Guide

2018-04-30T15:37:02+00:00 By |

As we near the holidays, I wanted to throw in a few ideas to help with your gift giving whether you are looking to purchase something for someone else or for yourself. These are things that I use myself and have found to be of superior quality and usefulness. Enjoy! Bayou Classic Injector - $15 This injector is one that [...]

Espresso Brined Tri-tip Smoked with Pecan

2018-05-15T16:27:08+00:00 By |

Smoked tri-tip is one of my favorite cuts of beef that I cook on the smoker. It is tender, delicious and doesn’t take a long time to prepare. In this version, I used an espresso brine that incorporates coffee as well as a touch of cocoa to really make that delicious beef flavor pop. The salt in the brine, as [...]

Jalapeño Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken Thighs

2018-04-30T15:37:13+00:00 By |

In my humble opinion, the best part of the chicken is the thigh. There is plenty of fat to keep it moist and of course the fat is where the flavor is. Unfortunately it is not the healthiest part so this should be a treat, not an everyday staple;-) These smoked chicken thighs are seasoned front and back with my [...]

Seared and Smoked Top Sirloin Steaks

2018-04-30T15:37:23+00:00 By |

I cooked up some smoked top sirloin steak the other day-- dry brined and seasoned with my Texas style rub (purchase recipes here) and it was without a doubt, hands down the best steak I've had broiled, grilled, or smoked. This write-up is going to give you all the juicy, delicious details about how I did it so you can [...]

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs aka Moink Balls

2018-05-15T16:27:41+00:00 By |

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs have been around for at least 40 years and possibly longer than that but were named "MOINK balls" and made popular in 2008 by a man named Larry Gaian. The "MOINK" name is quite significant in that they are made from beef meatballs and half slices of thin pork bacon. Together you have moo + oink or moink balls. If  you [...]

Maple Barbecue Pork Tenderloins

2018-05-15T13:18:03+00:00 By |

Smoked pork tenderloin is lean, delicious and easy to cook in any smoker. I used maple syrup mixed with my original rub (purchase recipes here) to create some nice kick and flavor as well. Helpful Information Prep Time: 30 minutes Cook Time: 60-90 minutes Smoker Temp: 225-240°F Meat Finish Temp: 145°F Recommended Wood: Cherry + Apple What You’ll [...]

Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends!

2018-05-02T12:40:55+00:00 By |

I have received a whole lot of questions about alternative ways to smoke pork belly in the smoker over the last few months.. folks, you had me at pork belly! Here's my own personal take on pork belly burnt ends, how to prepare them, season them with my original rub recipe (purchase recipes here) and smoke cook them to perfection. I [...]

Check Out These Enormous Beef Short Ribs

2018-04-30T15:38:23+00:00 By |

These smoked beef short ribs are man-sized or sized for anyone who likes beef in a BIG way. When they get done cooking in the smoker, you'll have a nice handle to hold onto while you chow down on that big hunk of beef in the middle. They are quite easy to prepare and smoke and of course the new [...]

Reverse Seared Burgers – Smoked Then Seared to Perfection

2018-04-30T15:38:34+00:00 By |

When it comes to smoked hamburgers, as it turns out, you truly can have your cake and eat it too! I love that flame kissed grilled burger flavor but I also love that slow smoked flavor that I get when I do burgers in the smoker. The answer to getting both of these wonderful things is found in smoking the [...]

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