Smoked Christmas Chickens

2018-04-30T15:36:54+00:00 By |

These smoked cornish hens are spatchcocked (butterflied), dry brined overnight, coated with a special mayo, herb & rub mixture and then smoked until they are juicy, tender and delicious! Might be the best chicken I've had in a while and if you are looking for something to cook for your Christmas guests that will surprise and delight without breaking the [...]

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs aka Moink Balls

2018-05-15T16:27:41+00:00 By |

Bacon Wrapped Meatballs have been around for at least 40 years and possibly longer than that but were named "MOINK balls" and made popular in 2008 by a man named Larry Gaian. The "MOINK" name is quite significant in that they are made from beef meatballs and half slices of thin pork bacon. Together you have moo + oink or moink balls. If  you [...]

Reverse Seared Burgers – Smoked Then Seared to Perfection

2018-04-30T15:38:34+00:00 By |

When it comes to smoked hamburgers, as it turns out, you truly can have your cake and eat it too! I love that flame kissed grilled burger flavor but I also love that slow smoked flavor that I get when I do burgers in the smoker. The answer to getting both of these wonderful things is found in smoking the [...]

Smoked Loin Lamb Chops – with Rosemary and Olive Oil

2018-04-30T15:39:24+00:00 By |

Easter is this coming Sunday and as tradition would have it, we are doing a special cut of lamb in the smoker.. Smoked lamb loin chops with rosemary and olive oil-- dry brined with coarse kosher salt and then seasoned to perfection with my original rub recipe (instant download after purchase). Might be the best lamb I've done yet. [...]

Smoked Corned Beef Brisket for St. Patrick’s Day

2018-04-30T15:39:44+00:00 By |

Nearly every St. Patrick's day season, the corned beef briskets show up in stores and I start getting emails about smoked corned beef brisket or making homemade pastrami. Pastrami is simply a corned beef brisket seasoned with a special blend of spices and then smoked until tender. In this variation, I am going to show you how to amp up [...]

Strawberry Balsamic Pork Loin for Valentine’s Day

2018-04-30T15:40:10+00:00 By |

If you plan to cook for someone you love on Valentine's Day then you might as well make it special and I have come up with just the perfect thing.. strawberry balsamic pork loin, smoked with cherry wood. I told my 14 year old son I was using strawberry wood but I don't think he believed me;-) The strawberry comes in with the balsamic strawberry glaze that [...]

Cranberry Braised Smoked Beef Short Ribs

2017-10-26T17:16:29+00:00 By |

Get your beef on this Christmas with my smoked beef short ribs recipe! These smoked beef short ribs are braised for a time in a cranberry juice cocktail. It doesn't give them a cranberry flavor but it does wonders for the color and the liquid helps to braise them to perfection. Not to mention, it's a great juice to use for [...]

Finger Lickin’ Smoked Pork Ribs for Christmas

2017-10-26T17:16:23+00:00 By |

One of our favorite family Christmas traditions in regards to food is the delicious smoked pork ribs that we pile up on the table for our annual Christmas dinner. This year we are going sticky so get the paper towels ready 'cause it's gonna get a lil' messy! I have been thinking about something else I can do to make these even better [...]

Smoked Boneless Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

2017-10-26T17:16:16+00:00 By |

For many people, the big turkey absolutely must be on the table in all of it's glory for Thanksgiving but if you really want to make it simple and tasty without the fuss, smoked boneless turkey breast is the best way to go. They are easy to prepare, devilishly delicious, can be cooked in the smoker in under 4 hours, and [...]

Smoked Thanksgiving Turkey – “Lots of Butter” Method

2017-11-27T13:41:39+00:00 By |

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and, if you haven't already, you need to nail down  your plan for smoking the turkey. We've done a lot of great birds over the years and any one of them would be a huge success at your dinner table but, this year I sort of went nuts and mixed my original rub (purchase recipes [...]

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