Smoked Bacon Wrapped Hot Links – Memorial Day

2017-10-26T16:45:08+00:00 By |

Smoked bacon wrapped hot links, sausages, brats and hotdogs with a stick for holding them is a great addition to your Memorial Day celebrations. Great for adults and kids alike and they are so quick and easy, you'll wonder why you haven't done it before now. Helpful Information Prep Time: 20 minutes Cook Time: 2-3 hours Smoker Temp: 240°F Meat [...]

Smoking Meat Recipes for Easter

2018-05-04T10:55:09+00:00 By |

I have received raving reviews from the double smoked ham I posted last week and, while that is a great main course for a successful Easter meal with family and friends, in this newsletter, I am going to direct your attention to a few other recipes that will also make great smoked Easter dinners in case you are looking for [...]

Double Smoked Ham for Easter

2017-10-26T16:43:51+00:00 By |

Serving ham on Easter is about as traditional as it gets but if you want to really ramp up the flavor, buy a pre-cooked smoked ham, season it up real good with Jeff's original rub (purchase recipes here) then, smoke it again while it heats up in the smoker. Your guests will rave about double smoked ham! Helpful Information Prep Time: [...]

Smoked Corned Beef Brisket (Pastrami) for St. Patricks Day

2017-10-26T16:43:06+00:00 By |

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner and with it come some great traditions like smoked corned beef brisket or what we call pastrami. After eating this stuff right out of the smoker and seeing how good it tastes and how easy it is make, you might just make this a tradition at your house as well. [...]

Smoked Oysters Wrapped in Bacon

2017-10-26T16:40:22+00:00 By |

Legend and even science suggest that oysters can be a natural aphrodisiac and that's not a bad thing.. but, I must point out that smoked oysters wrapped in bacon are extremely tasty either way. These are also called smoked "Angels on Horseback" in many places. Helpful Information Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 1 hour 45 minutes Smoker Temp: 225°F Meat [...]

Smoked Steak and Lobster for Valentine’s Day

2016-01-31T00:03:43+00:00 By |

With Valentine's day on our heels, it's time to be thinking about doing something for that significant other and nothing says, "I love you" like cooking a fancy meal on the smoker or grill. My smoked steak and smoked lobster recipes put together are a great way to do just that. Smoked Lobster If you love lobster like [...]

Some Delicious Smoked Appetizers

2018-05-06T19:38:37+00:00 By |

Here's some great smoked appetizers from the website that are sure to make your party a huge success. More Smoked Appetizers & Finger Foods  I get a lot of requests for smoked appetizers and finger foods to serve at parties or just as a snack while your guests wait on the main attractions. Well, I've been working on a few of [...]

Cranberry Pecan Stuffed Turkey Breast

2017-10-26T16:36:48+00:00 By |

I like to do turkey a little different at Christmas since Thanksgiving usually "does me in" on turkey in general. This cranberry pecan stuffed turkey breast cooked in the smoker is a wonderful dish that allows you to use turkey while mixing things up a little bit. Get the Recipes for Jeff’s Rub and Sauce I used the original rub [...]

Cherry Bourbon Smoked Pork Tenderloin

2017-10-26T16:36:13+00:00 By |

Smoked pork tenderloins are one of the easiest things you can cook in your smoker when you want something that tastes great, has a "fancy" feel to it and you don't have a lot of time to spare. In around 2 hours, you can take a pork tenderloin from raw to smoked amazingly delicious and folks will think you slaved [...]

Mesquite Smoked Prime Rib for Christmas

2017-10-26T16:35:06+00:00 By |

This week I am featuring mesquite smoked prime rib, one of my favorite cuts of beef. This cut is sometimes referred to as a standing rib roast, depending on where you purchase it. It is not inexpensive by any means but it is very Christmas worthy and when you want to give the very best at your Christmas dinner, this will do it. Easy [...]

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