Great Choice!!

Very soon, you will receive the first chapter of the Smoking Basics eCourse.

Note: Be watching for an email from me (Jeff Phillips) with the chapter number and titles below as the subject heading.

Here is the information you will receive over the next five days:

  • Chapter 1: Selecting the Meat
  • Chapter 2: Heat, Fire and Smokology
  • Chapter 3: Improving the Flavor
  • Chapter 4: Smoking Equipment and Supplies
  • Chapter 5: The Process & When is it Done?

Each one of these chapters were written by yours truly based on my experiences over the last 25 years as an outdoor cook. I am in no way a professional cook but I am passionate about cooking outdoors and learning how to improve my skills each and every day. What I know and learn, I happily pass on to you so we can all learn more together.

One of these days, I'll learn to chop an onion properly and if anyone wants to school me on that, feel free 😉

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