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Jeff's Naked Rib Rub Recipe Jeff's Goodness Gracious Sakes Alive BBQ Sauce

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I used the rub on my ribs for the ribs contest this year and won the trophy last night.  Thought you might like to know. –Charlie


"jeff I just fixed 36 pound of bbq for a wedding rehearsal dinner using your rub and sauce. many at the wedding told me it was the best bbq they every had. I have heard this story many times before." —Charles


I smoked two 7 pound Boston Butts to make pulled pork for a family gathering. On one I used your rub. On the other I used a brown sugar based rub advertised by one of your Internet competitors. After enjoying the meal we had a vote for which pulled pork was best. Your rub won twelve to one!! –Tom


Even if you don’t compete, and you prefer to just cook for family and friends like me, you can present barbecue that is seasoned and sauced to perfection!


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Your rub recipe is kickin'!

Jeff, Your rub recipe is kickin'! I put it on some ribs and brisket over the weekend for some family and friends and they just kept going on and on about how good it was.. you will note that I have smoked for family and friends before without the rub just using some storebought stuff and it was ok but the response this time was completely overwhelming. Thanks for the recipe! —Carolyn


Every serious smoker needs three basic tools in his toolbox:

Great Recipes

–Equipment is the easy part. Often you'll hear me refer to the ECB or the “El-Cheapo-Brinkmann”, because with simple modifications and know-how, even the cheapest equipment can turn out amazing food.

–Methodology requires a little research and development, but fortunately I have made this as easy as possible for the beginner smoker. Using tips found right here on this website and at my forum,, you can be cooking like the pros in no time.

–Great recipes!!! Again, I have made this so simple for the beginning smoker. You are reaping the benefits of my years of research and experimentation. When you purchase my rub and sauce recipes, you will have all you need finish off your smoked meats! No need to look further! These recipes are simple, but they are far from basic. When you use these recipes, people will think YOU are the local Barbecue Guru.


This will make you, your family and all of your friends very happy– Order now!

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My Wife now says that I am her Hero…

I just purchased your rub and sauce recipe from your website and thanks to you my wife now says that I am her hero. P.S. She wants me to smoke something almost every weekend and I always have to make the special sauce and rub to go with it. – Bill


I have never had so many pats on the back…

I ordered both of your recipes several weeks back and finally got around to using them on some ribs and chicken for our family get together and boy was I feeling good after that! I have never had so many pats on the back and folks asking me when I was going to open my own restaurant. Jeff I know it was your recipes that made all the difference. Thanks for sharing. –Edwin


A Little History on the Famous Top Secret Recipes

I developed these recipes several years ago, intending to package them for local and online marketing.

However, because of the red tape involved with interstate sales of packaged food items (I am a very non-red-tape kind of guy), I decided to offer the recipes as a set through the website and leave it at that.

That is like Colonel Sanders offering to sell you his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices!

I worked on these rub and sauce recipes for several years in an effort to create recipes that surpassed AMAZING, adding a smidgen of this and a dash of that until they became PERFECT!

I have tested these recipes on people from just about everywhere–Texas, North Carolina, Missouri, Kansas City, and even across the globe, and I always get the same response:

“These are the best ribs I have ever eaten!”


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I tried your rub n sauce.It was lip smakin gooooodddd…Thanks —Tim


Jeff, I have now tried your rub & sauce. Yep, it's just as good as you & everyone says they are. —Bill


Hey Jeff, I would like to thank you for selling your rub/bbq sauce recipe. I had so many thumbs up new years eve when i used it. —Lon


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