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Please note that my rubs and barbecue sauce are now available in 2 formats– you can purchase the formulas and make them yourself OR you can buy them already made, in a bottle, ready to use. The sampler packs contain both of Jeff's rubs and a bottle of Jeff's original barbecue sauce and make excellent gifts.

Pimento Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos

I came up with the idea for pimento cheese stuffed jalapenos made like an ABT (atomic buffalo turd if you must know) with the pepper wrapped in a piece of bacon earlier this year only to find out later that I wasn't the first to do this. What can I say.. great minds think alike I suppose! It's a [...]

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Wide-Cut Individual Smoked Pork Spare Ribs

The St. Louis style spare ribs in this recipe are cut into individual pieces before they are cooked. This is is not a widely used method but I think it should be. By cutting the ribs beforehand, you get more seasoning and more smoke on more surface area and you don't have to worry about slicing them before serving.. [...]

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Pulled Chuck Roast with Grilled Onions

When most people think of pulled meat they often think of pork but this pulled chuck roast which I mixed with grilled onions is versatile enough to go on a sandwich, fajitas, tacos, pizza-- let the sky be the limit and the flavor will back it up all the way. I got this 3-lb chuck roast from Porter Road [...]

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Homemade Pastrami from Brisket – The Smoke

If you've ever wanted to make your own pastrami at home for St. Patrick's day or just because you like the stuff, then the time is now and this is the 2nd step in that process. In case you missed it, in part one I showed you how to prepare and cure the brisket for 6+ days. You can [...]

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