My 2 Favorite Pellet Smokers in 2019 and Why

Many people have emailed me over the last several months asking me which pellet smoker is best. I have (2) favorites to be exact but which one is best for you sort of depends on what you are looking for in terms of features. Wanna know my two favorites? Here they are: Camp Chef Woodwind SG REC TEC RT-700 [...]

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Experience the Flavor!

Thin Blue Foods - Purchase Bottled Products
Please note that my rubs and barbecue sauce are now available in 2 formats– you can purchase the formulas and make them yourself OR you can buy them already made, in a bottle, ready to use. The sampler packs contain both of Jeff's rubs and a bottle of Jeff's original barbecue sauce and make excellent gifts.

Jazzed Up Raspberry Glazed Pork Ribs

July 4th is on Thursday and here in the US of A it is the day we celebrate the birth of our great nation and the freedom and independence that we still enjoy! It is also a day, like most holidays, where we come together with our family and friends for food, fun and enjoying each other's company. There [...]

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Five Hour Smoked Pork Butt

As meat smokers we are all about patience-- low and slow is our motto and we believe that the flavor and texture of things like smoked pork butt are greatly enhanced by cooking it slowly in a low heat environment with plenty of smoke kissing the meat as it goes through it's metamorphosis. But is there really anything wrong [...]

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Smoked Filet Mignon (Beef Filet) Wrapped in Bacon

This smoked filet mignon is smoked steak at it's finest and unlike the sear first and then cook to the desired temperature method that is often used, I recommend smoking it at low temperature until it reaches the desired temperature then sear it after the cook. This cut is often wrapped in bacon for flavor and extra fat (since [...]

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How To Smoke Ribs on the Pit Barrel Cooker

In this recipe post, we'll be learning how to smoke ribs on the Pit Barrel Cooker. Back in October, the Pit Barrel Cooker company sent me one of their cookers to try out and after having used it a few times, I'm nothing short of impressed. I started out with some Texas style pork ribs which is what we [...]

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Smoked Pork Country Style Ribs on a Stick

If you haven't discovered pork country style ribs yet then you are in for a real treat! Full disclosure: these are just a pork butt that's been sliced up to look like ribs but they are delicious, quick and easy to cook, extremely versatile and they don't cost a lot-- all of the wonderful things that make a great [...]

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Smoked Turkey in the Pit Barrel Cooker

Thanksgiving is upon us and as tradition would have it here in America, smoked turkey is the standard fare. In this recipe/instructional I not only want to show you a better way to brine the holiday bird but we'll be using a Pit Barrel Cooker. Don't worry, I"ll also demonstrate the proper way to do it in a traditional [...]

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Fired Up Smoked Chicken Wings

Smoked chicken wings are always a great idea no matter what the occasion is and with these I just decided to go back to the drawing board and showcase the importance of brining poultry and using a world class rub on them to bring out the perfection that these morsels of goodness can be. The main issue that most [...]

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Sliced Pork Butt Sliders with Campfire Sauce

It occurred to me a while back that every time we do a pork butt, it's always pulled and while that's an amazing way to serve smoked pork butt, it's equally good sliced. In this recipe, we are going to smoke a pork butt until it's just starting to get tender and then we'll slice it up and make [...]

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 Smoked Pig Shots: Big Cheddar and Onion

I posted some smoked pig shots earlier this year (here they are) and they were as delicious as the day is long but I wanted to change them up and, the cool thing is, like a lot of other things that we do on the smoker or grill, there's a ton of variations. The limit to what you can do with these is [...]

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