5 chapters of information on how to smoke meat covering topics like fire building, meat selection, tools and equipment, the cooking process, flavor improvement and so much more.

I get a huge number of questions and emails on a daily basic concerning different aspects of smoking meat. As a result of that, I felt it would be useful to put together a course to help you learn all of the basic things a person needs to know to get started smoking meat.

Hopefully this will help answer a LOT of your questions and you can sort of advance from there.

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Here's what you can expect to learn:

Chapter 1: Selecting the Meat

Chapter 2: Fire and Smokeology

Chapter 3: Improving the Flavor

Chapter 4: Smoking Equipment, Tools and Supplies

Chapter 5: The Smoking Process and When is it Done?

When you're finished with the course, I'll give you a link to download the full PDF version for future reference, and all for free of course😉.

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