Thanksgiving Recipe Hub

Our annual American Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and this is the hub where we have compiled all of the best smoked Thanksgiving recipes as well as some information on brining, spatchcocking the turkey and even some of our favorite Thanksgiving sides.

Watch Jeff Prep & Smoke a Turkey

If you just wanna see it done, here’s the video for you. the turkey is prepped, brined, seasoned and smoke right before your eyes.

If you’ve never smoked a turkey before, I highly recommend you watch this video to give you a great idea on what to expect.

Brining the Thanksgiving Turkey

If you want the turkey to be moist and juicy, the key is brining. Here’s some resources to get you started in the method that will change the way you think about turkey.. FOREVER!

Spatchcocking the Bird

This is a funny word of debatable origin that just means “butterfly” the bird or cut out the backbone so the turkey opens up like a book.

This is a GREAT method since it causes the thanksgiving turkey to cook faster and more evenly.

Watch this being done on video:

A Favorite Spatchcocked Turkey Recipe

thanksgiving dinner 1

Thanksgiving Q&A

I asked you to send me all of your Thanksgiving questions so I could compile them and answer them. Boy did you guys get serious about this! I received hundreds…

Whole Turkey Instructions/Recipes

These are our favorite Thanksgiving turkey recipes, hands down and bar none! Be sure to stay in the 12-14 lb range for safety and allow 6-7 hours for a bird that size in the smoker at low and slow temperatures.

Thanksgiving Ham

It is true that most hams are pre-smoked at the factory but let me tell you.. what you can do at home is far superior and if you take the time to smoke the ham again and even put a glaze on it while it’s smoking, it will blow the socks off of you and your guests. Trust me on this!

Turkey Breast/Roast

Sometimes you just want to take it easy on Thanksgiving and these smoked turkey roasts and stuffed breasts are just the ticket for easy prep, easy smoking and quick slicing just in time for Thanksgiving dinner.

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Family Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I wanted to share some of our family’s favorite Thanksgiving side dishes and these will work great for other holidays as well such as Christmas. These have been used over…

Bacon Wrapped Thanksgiving!

Sometimes you just need a little bacon in your thanksgiving and who am I to stand in the way of progress!