Smoker Recipes for Canadian Thanksgiving

Barrel Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving

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Canadian Thanksgiving is on the 2nd Monday of October and is a time of giving thanks and getting together with family and friends with food, fun and togetherness.

Here’s a few thanksgiving recipes that I think might be a great option for this annual holiday especially if you love to cook on the smoker or grill.


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Smoked Turkey and Cranberry Stuffed ABT’s

You may know what ABT’s are.. jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese, wrapped in bacon and smoked for about 3 hours. They are so amazingly delicious and one of my favorite appetizers. Take this same concept and add some leftover smoked turkey and some cranberry relish and you have smoked turkey and cranberry stuffed ABT’s.


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Smoked Jalapeno Cheddar Turkey Bombs

u003cpu003eThis recipe uses turkey cutlets stuffed and wrapped in bacon to make delicious smoked jalapeno cheddar turkey bombu003c/pu003e

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Buttery Maple Glazed Smoked Turkey Legs

u003cpu003eHere’s my go to recipe for smoky, slightly sweet and savory turkey legs that will bring out the carnivore in just about anyone.u003c/pu003e

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Favorite Turkey Brines

If youu0026#8217;re not on the turkey brining train then you need to be.. it is the single best way to ensure that your turkey ends up juicy, and full of flavor. A brine is a mixture of salt and water and when you place a piece of meat down in a brine, the meat absorbs

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Smoked Turkey Roast Basted with Bacon

In this recipe, I will show you how to smoke this turkey roast so that it comes out extremely tender and delicious with a tasty edge that will make everyone say wow with every bite.

Barrel Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving

Smoked Turkey in the Pit Barrel Cooker

u003cpu003eThanksgiving is upon us and as tradition would have it here in America, turkey is the preferred meat of choice. In this recipe/instructional I not only want to show you a better way to brine the holiday bird but we’ll be using a Pit Barrel Cooker.u003c/pu003e

smoked bacon butter turkey

Smoked Turkey with Bacon Butter

u003cpu003eIn this recipe, I show you how to stuff bacon butter under the skin of the turkey before smoking it to moisturize that breast meat and make it super flavorful.u003c/pu003e

rum injected smoked ham 2

Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham

This double smoked ham injected and basted with rum sauce or maple sauce will probably be one of the best thing you’ll taste for a long time to come and it is so completely holiday worthy whether it’s Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or any day of the year.

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Double Smoked Holiday Ham Glazed with Maple Syrup

There’s a very good chance that this double smoked ham will be the best holiday ham you’ve ever tasted. How do I know this? I’ve been making this ham for a number of years now and everyone– YES EVERYONE goes gaga over it.

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Seared and Smoked Top Sirloin Steaks

u003cpu003eDry brined and seasoned with my Texas style rub these fast seared, slow smoked top sirloin steaks are without a doubt, the best steak Iu0026#39;ve had in a long time!u003c/pu003e

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Family Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching here in the United States, I wanted to share some of our familyu0026#8217;s favorite holiday side dishes. These have been used over the years with lots of success and I just have a feeling that you will enjoy them every bit as much as we do! Basic Dressing No more stuffing

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Dump Cake in the Pellet Smoker

Wade Smith, a newsletter subscriber, sent me his dump cake recipe and I (of course)cooked it in the pellet smoker. It could easily be cooked in the oven as well but I figure this is a great thing to do in the pellet smoker and keep the heat out of the kitchen. Because itu0026#8217;s cooked

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