Smoke, Wood, Fire: The Advanced Guide to Smoking Meat

smoke wood fire the advanced guide to smoking meat

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“Profusely illustrated throughout, Smoke, Wood, Fire is a complete course of DIY instruction that will enable even the most novice of cooks to turn out professional quality smoked meats and the meals that feature them. Simply stated, Smoke, Wood, Fire is an invaluable and unreservedly recommended addition to personal, professional, family, and community library culinary cookbook collections.”

— Midwest Book Review

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Want to take your smoking meat and fish game to the next level? Let my second book on smoking meat get you out of the funk and into the flames.

This advanced guide includes detailed information on modern and legacy smoking techniques that range from cold smoking to getting the smoke just right in cold climates.

You'll also get in-depth insight and instruction on getting the most out of smokers and cookers, plus tools and accessories available to backyard smokers. Delve into the many woods, charcoals and pellets, the various smokers, brands and how to season them — even stovetop smokers.

smoking ribs on stovetop smoker
Smoking ribs on a stovetop smoker

You'll learn the best use and choice of dehydrators, spice grinders, thermometers, knives and tongs. And get expert advice on injectors, water pans, spray bottles, foil pans and cleaning techniques. And of course, temperature control methods for perfect timing and results. And let's not forget the meats — we also cover wrapping, resting, handling, safety and much more.

And what's a book about smoking techniques without great recipes? This is where I try to bring my own brand of innovative fare including recipes for dehydrating your own peppers for that perfect rub to a complete step by step instruction (with pictures) for making American style “streaky” bacon using a 100+ year-old brine recipe.

Smoke, Wood, Fire — learn to smoke like a pro, right in your backyard.

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