Bacon Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks

One of the best parts of the chicken is the legs and thighs in my opinion but when smoking the skin often ends up less than appetizing although it does a great job of protecting the delicious juicy meat inside. These bacon wrapped chicken drumsticks are made by removing the chicken skin, seasoning with my very own original rub recipe [...]

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Smoked Meatloaf: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Smoked meatloaf is one of those things that affects people in a big way. Almost without fail, every time someone tries it they proclaim that they will never eat "oven meatloaf" again. I love meatloaf of all kinds but I do agree that there is something really special about smoked meatloaf and it takes you by surprise the first time [...]

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Smoked Brisket for Game Day

It's no secret that I love smoked brisket in all it's beefy, delicious goodness whether it's sliced, chopped, or made into burnt ends.. I love the stuff. It's a great game day food and in this recipe, I'm going to walk you through the process of preparing and cooking a brisket in the smoker so that it comes out a [...]

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Cornish Hens “Baby Chickens” Butterflied and Smoked

Smoked cornish hens are wonderful just as they are and you won't find a more delicious way to serve chicken. These are usually served whole however, an alternate way to prepare them is to cut out the backbone and open them up before cooking them. This allows them to cook faster and more evenly. It's really easy to do and I'll show [...]

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Pork Steaks for Labor Day

If you are looking for the perfect thing to cook in the smoker, look no further than smoked pork steaks. Dry brined, seasoned with my original rub (purchase recipes here) and then smoked for about 2.5 hours. Glazing with my barbecue sauce (purchase recipes here) is optional but highly recommended. Helpful Information Prep Time: 5 minutes Dry Brining Time: 3 hours Cook Time: 2.5 hours [...]

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How to Reverse Sear Smoked Ribeye Steaks

Many cooks throw steaks on a hot grill or over a hot fire and once it reaches the right temperature in the middle, it's done. What if I told you there was a better way and one that some steakhouses even employ to produce a perfect edge-to-edge pink medium rare with an elegant sear on the outside? This recipe will show you [...]

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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Ribs

You would think that not too many things could improve the taste of perfectly seasoned and smoked 2-2-1 baby back ribs.. well, there's not really, but since we are all obsessed with bacon, I figured it couldn't hurt. I give you {insert drumroll here} -- smoked bacon wrapped ribs! This is a classic tale of "some say why but I say why not". Unfortunately, this has [...]

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Beef Back Ribs – Prime Rib on a Stick

I just never get tired of smoked beef back ribs or as I call them.. "prime rib on a stick". There is nothing more beefy and more delicious that you can cook in your smoker not to mention they are easy to prepare and cook in less than 4 hours in most cases. Because of the super rich beef flavor, [...]

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Smoked Steelhead Trout – Buttery Goodness!

If you have not tried smoked steelhead trout then have been missing out on one of the most buttery and delicious tasting fish available. It looks a lot like salmon but it seems to have a little more fat between the layers of meat and, for this reason, it is perfect for smoking low and slow. Unlike every other recipe [...]

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Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Meatballs

These smoked meatballs are made with lots of cheddar cheese and more jalapeno than you'd normally add to a meatball. As if that's not enough, they are stuffed with cream cheese. I wanted these to be small enough to pop in your mouth so as to get the full effect as you bite down into it. Reminiscent of smoked jalapeno [...]

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