Bacon Wrapped Smoked Burnt Ends


Burnt ends definitely stand on their own when it comes to flavor but why not wrap them in bacon and kick them up a notch or two? The new motto is: "bacon wrapped smoked burnt ends, just because you can!"    Bacon Wrapped Smoked Burnt Ends Helpful Information Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 2-3 hours Smoker Temp: 225°F Meat Finish Temp: n/a Recommended Wood: Mesquite and/or … [Read more...]

Double Smoked Chopped Brisket


I just cooked and documented a 15 lb brisket that I cooked overnight in an electric smoker. I set it up for 225 °F, used a smoke generator called the AMNPS to keep the smoke flowing for about 10 hours and went to bed with no worries. I chopped it up when it got finished and re-smoked it to add some additional smoke flavor throughout. Do not overlook the simple electric smoker when it comes to … [Read more...]

Spicy Orange Juice Brined Smoked Brisket Flat


Smoked brisket is the holy grail of beef barbecue and one of the most intimidating things to cook in the smoker for many folks new to cooking with a smoker. I can say that I have turned out some amazing briskets in my time and a few that I don't like to talk about but, all in all, I am always up for a challenge and trying to improve my process. While cleaning out the freezer a few days ago, … [Read more...]

Amazingly Tender Smoked Brisket


If I had a dollar for every person who has told me they are intimidated by brisket then I would be quite well off and while I do have to admit that brisket is definitely something that requires some knowledge, skill, and a little practice to get the hang of, don't let it intimidate you into not trying it. As everyone knows, there are no rules when it comes to barbecue and smoking … [Read more...]

Smoking a Small Brisket Flat for Nachos

Using smoked brisket on nachos

 Hello and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter where we are talking about smoked brisket and how to use those tender, juicy, succulent morsels of goodness on smoked brisket nachos. In this newsletter I will show you how to smoke cook a very small 4-lb brisket using the best method so that it is tender, juicy and perfect for using on nachos or whatever the … [Read more...]

Smoked Brisket – Low Start with High Heat Finish

Smoked Brisket - Slow Start, Fast Finish

Hello and welcome to another edition of the smoking meat newsletter. Every once in a while it's nice to go back to the basics and do something ordinary but wonderful.. smoked brisket. But it's also nice to try something a little new and for this edition, I am going to show you my hybrid method of smoking brisket low and slow to develop that nice smoke ring and give it … [Read more...]

Pastrami (Smoked Corned Beef Brisket)


Hello and welcome to the February 2010 edition of the smoking meat newsletter! This month we are talking about a subject that is dear to many people's hearts and super easy to do.. Pastrami. This may not be exactly the same as the traditional pastrami or reuben that you would find in a New York deli but those of you who know me, know that I am all about getting OUT of the traditional box and … [Read more...]

FAQ – How Long to Smoke a Brisket

Q: Sir, Do you have a best guess on how long a 8-10 lbs brisket at 200-225 will take to get done. I was thinking about 1 hour per pound. Is this close. thank you! A: You can usually figure about 1.5 hours per pound at 225 degrees for brisket, pork shoulder and other larger pieces of meat. Several things can affect this time such as wind, temperature and how often you … [Read more...]

FAQ – Brisket Problems Getting Done Too Quickly and is Not Tender

Q:I currently have a side box "barrel" type smoker, i know how to build a fire but i was bored and happend to read your article.  the question i have is, should i use the grate in the bottom of the box to keep the ashes below the fire or build the fire right on the bottom?  it seems like when i build an outdoor fire there is no grate and its fine, however my smoker … [Read more...]

FAQ – The Basics of Smoking a Brisket

Q: I am new to the smoking thing. I just bought a beef brisket this evening and have yet to smoke anything. I am not sure how to smoke and was wondering when smoking meat do you only put wood in the smoker one time or do you constantly have to check the wood and once it is gone do you add more. Like I said I am a newbie at this and dont want to screw up $25.00 worth of meat. Do you know of … [Read more...]