If you have never tried smoking hotdogs then you are in for a real treat! We take it a few steps further and spiral-cut the hotdogs and add some seasoning but you will love them either way.

Hello and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter where we will put almost any kind of meat, vegetable or other edible products into the smoker or grill in hopes of getting some smoke flavor on it.

I must admit that sometimes we feature things that are grand and sometimes we just take things pretty ordinary and try to make them grand. At any rate, they are almost always better than they started out and I think you will agree when you discover what I did with some hotdogs this week.

Now mind you, I use the more expensive Hebrew National hotdogs since I prefer the kosher aspect of it not to mention the complete absence of MSG but if you like the other types and brands of hotdogs, those will work just the same.

The cool preparation of these hotdogs is not something that I came up with personally (someone else thought of it before I did) however, by putting rub on them and by smoking them in the smoker instead of just grilling them like usual, they become something a lot more special.

If you ever try these spiral cut, seasoned with my rub and then smoked for an hour in the smoker, you will understand why I might decided to do an entire newsletter on something as simple as a smoked hotdog.

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How to Smoke Spiral-cut Hotdogs

Here's what you'll need

  • Hotdogs (I use the jumbo 3 oz hotdogs by Hebrew National)
  • Long wooden or metal skewer
  • 1 batch of Jeff's rub
  • Hotdog buns
  • Condiments (mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce, etc.)
  • Onions
  • Relish

How to Prepare

Remove the hotdogs from the package

Hotdogs removed from package

Carefully run a skewer through the center of the hotdog end to end trying your best to keep it in the center. If you make a mistake, pull the skewer out and try again.

Skewer through center of hotdog

Skewering hotdog - close up

Skewer through hotdog - slighty off center but ok

Holding the knife at a 45 degree angle, start on one end cutting through the hotdog allowing the skewer to stop the knife from going all the way through. Roll the hotdog away from you as you press the blade down against the hotdog cutting it through to the skewer.

Continue cutting at an angle until you reach the opposite end of the hotdog.

Spiral cut hotdog


Here's a video from Chow.com that does a great job of showing you how it's done:


My first one did not look so great, I steadily got better after that.

I took my time and tried to do a good job on all of the hotdogs but it's really not important that they look perfect.

All of the hotdogs spiral cut

Once all of the hotdogs are spiral-cut, sprinkle my rub all over them allowing it to get down into the cut areas as well as on the outside.

Hotdogs are coated with my rub

Place the hotdogs on a Bradley rack and let them sit for a bit while you go get the smoker ready to cook at 225 – 240 degrees F.

Covered with rub, laying in a Bradley rack and ready to smoke

If you don't want to spiral cut all of them, there are no rules that say you have to do that. Here's some extras that I left uncut just to show that it's ok.

Hotdogs coated with rub - not spiral cut

Smoking the Hotdogs

It never fails that I get emails every week asking me if I have special recipes for electric smoking or gas smoking and the answer is, “no, I don't”.

In all of my recipes, I give you the heat setting, the smoke recommendation and from that point it absolutely does not matter what type of smoker you are using as long as you have the heat and the smoke.

I have written pages on specific smokers and I am on a mission to write more and will post links to those as I get them finished:

Whatever type of smoker you are using needs to be set up to cook at 225-240 degrees for about an hour. If you using an electric, charcoal or gas smoker then I recommend keeping the smoke going the entire time. In a wood smoker, this happens by default.

For the smoke, I recommend apple or pecan but other woods like hickory, mesquite, maple, and cherry will also do a wonderful job.

Finished smoking

Smoked hotdogs piled high with extras

Smoked hotdog made a different way

Just like ham, you'll be amazed at how much smoke flavor these hotdogs pick up in the smoker. You will taste the smoky goodness in every bite.

This method of cooking hotdogs is wonderful for large parties where you need a lot of hotdogs done all at the same time. Just put them in about an hour before you need them and serve them right out of the smoker an hour later. Due to their small size, you can do hundreds of these quite easily even if you opt to not spiral cut them.

Enjoy the process.. enjoy the flavor!


  1. Remove hotdogs from package
  2. Run skewer through center of hotdogs lengthwise
  3. Starting at one end, hold knife at angle and cut while rolling hotdog away from you
  4. Continue rolling hotdog away from you until the knife ends up on opposite end
  5. Remove skewer
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all hotdogs
  7. Lay hotdogs on a Bradley rack and apply rub generously
  8. Prepare smoker for cooking at 225-240 degrees F
  9. Smoke cook hotdogs for 1 hour
  10. Serve on bun with condiments and toppings

Tips and Other Thoughts

  • You could also brush these with barbecue sauce at the 30 minute mark to make them a little sticky and to add to the flavor.
  • Sprinkle with grated cheese and let the cheese melt onto the hotdogs during the last 20 minutes or so in the smoker.

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  1. Paul W Morris March 17, 2014 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Jeff I just received both the sauce & rub. I bought a Bradley four rack (not digital) but with the hockey puck wood. So far I have been using store bought rub that is maybe 10 years old not that good so I waved the white flag and ordered yours. I can’t wait. I retired from the oil fields in 97 so now the highlight of my day is to cook the whole evening meal in my smoker. The last time (your recipe)Monte cristo , brocalli , and double baked potatoes turned good. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Robert Reid July 9, 2013 at 11:55 am - Reply

    Are your downloads compatible for my mac-pro.

    • Jeff Phillips July 10, 2013 at 4:10 pm - Reply

      The downloads are all PDF files and will open in the free Adobe reader program. We may also be able to provide other filetypes (.txt .pages, etc.) upon request.

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