These are actual emails I have received from web visitors on various subjects related to smoking meat.

Simply click on the one that interests you to go to the specific page.

  1. Basics of Smoking a Brisket
  2. How to Smoke a Whole Chicken
  3. Tough, Inedible Chicken Skin
  4. Maintaining Heat in Square Brinkmann
  5. Smoking Time for 5 Pound Pork Butt & Best Rub
  6. How to Find Different Barbecue Wood Chunks
  7. Brisket Problems – Done too Quick and Not Tender
  8. How to Smoke Venison Ham
  9. How to Make Sausage, Salami & Prosciutto
  10. Convert Brinkmann HD Vertical to Electric or Gas
  11. Klose Pit/Offset smoker modifications
  12. Using Pecan Wood.. seasoning time?
  13. How Long to Smoke a Brisket

More to come.. keep checking back.