FAQ: I have tried the recipes and I’m not happy. How do I get a refund?

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I have a great refund policy which simply states “if you're not happy then I'm not happy”.

For a quick refund, just shoot us an email request and be sure to include order number, date of purchase, email address used to order, etc. so we can find it quickly and get it processed.

If you just purchased the recipes and you are asking for a refund based on the fact that the ingredient list looks basic, I highly recommend that you try them first as looks can be deceiving. I have had multiple people ask for a refund but then try them and they were blown away (their words).

The original rub, Texas style rub and barbecue sauce are most likely some of the best seasonings and sauce you'll ever eat so don't judge it too quickly.

If, once you've tried them, they are not everything I said they would be and more then I want you to let me know so I can give you a refund. We don't leave no one unhappy around here if we can help it.