This is not something we have done in the past but, yes, I am open to the idea.

If you feel that you have an exciting post that is HIGHLY RELEVANT to the topic of this website, then by all means, send it to me (text only) and I will consider it. I will email you back asking for further information, images, etc. if I am interested.

Guest posts will contain your name, a link to your blog or website and a cordial introduction from me. If you are writing a how-to post then make sure it is something that you have done, taken pictures and are fully equipped to explain it in the simplest of terms with pictures to show further detail.

If it's a recipe, then prepare and cook it and be sure to take the best possible process pictures you can take, making sure you have good lighting. The main image of the finished product (hero shot) is the most important one. Make sure to use high quality settings on your phone or camera, good lighting, etc. We are happy to scale and crop images in-house.

To weed out a few of you who may write about smoking meat or cooking outdoors just for the sake of creating a blog but you don't really have any experience or know how–

There's a lot of how-to information online that comes about by simply reading an article and then re-writing it. Anyone can do that and it simply dilutes the search engines and isn't helpful to people looking for good solid information. Those types of articles or posts have no place at

If you have further questions about this, let me know.