FAQ: Help, I thought these were actual bottles of product

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I try to be really clear in my advertising but I do understand that sometimes you read quickly and you get excited about purchasing something.. confusion happens.

I have two delicious all purpose rubs and a barbecue sauce that you'll want to write home about and these come in (2) formats:

You can order them already made, in a bottle


You can order the recipes and with just a few common ingredients, make them yourself (easy peasy).

If you ordered the wrong one, just ask for a quick refund, by sending us an email request and be sure to include order number, date of purchase, email address used to order, etc. so we can find it quickly and get it processed.

You can then go order the product that you actually wanted. Here's the links you'll need:

My aim is for you to be happy with your purchase so if only a refund will do that, then let me know right away so we can get that done quickly for you.

And, of course, if you have further questions about this, just send me an email.