FAQ: Where are the recipes that I ordered?

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The system usually presents your unique download link to you just as soon as you purchase. Maybe it went out for a “smoke” break;-)

You should also have received an email with a download link just as soon as you ordered however, it may have gotten caught by a spam filter.

First, make sure our email address is “whitelisted” in your email settings. This is usually a setting that allows you to add email addresses that are “allowed senders”.

Then, go to https://www.smoking-meat.com/resend and input the email address you used to order.

Within a minute or two, you will receive a duplicate copy of your original download email containing a link so you can download the recipes to your computer, tablet or phone.

If your email address has changed since you ordered and you do not have access to your order email, send us an email and we will update your email address and re-send the download link email to you.

Note: If your email address needs to be updated for a past order, be sure to include your old email address and your new email address so we can handle this quickly and efficiently.