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About Jeff Phillips

Long time Industrial Engineer turned self-proclaimed fire poker, pitmaster and smoke whisperer and loving every minute of it!


  1. Dave Blase says:

    Please include me in your mailing list you have some awesome tips

  2. Please include me in your mailing list. Thanks!

  3. dat504life says:

    I'd like to be added to the mailing list as well. Thanks in advance.

  4. Todd Gregory says:

    Would love to be added to your email list.

  5. Steven tucker says:

    Can’t wait for more tips!

  6. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you.

  7. Gene McCreight says:

    please add thanks

  8. Please add my new email address to your newsletter. Been following you for a while. Love your recipes and advice. Thx.

  9. Please add to me to the list. Thanks!

  10. Darrel Kee says:

    Please send me your newsletter. Awesome website and the iPhone app is very helpful. Thank You!!!!

  11. Add me please !!

  12. How to I change my email address where the newsletter is sent?

  13. Add me please

  14. Have used both the rub and the sauce on our favorite food, jumbo fresh wings from a local butcher and they are GREAT!  I saw something above about an iPhone app?  I could not find it, what is it called please?

    • I use an application on my website that creates a mobile experience for anyone using a smart phone or tablet. It is accessible when you save the bookmark to your homepage on your phone and then go to the site via that saved icon.

      Here are the iPhone instructions:

      1. – Click on middle icon at bottom that looks like a box with an arrow.
      2. – Click on “Add to Home Screen”.
      3. – Title it and click on ”Add” at the top right.

       =>  => 


  15. Can you please add me.

  16. I would love to get your newsletter!

  17. Herb Hill says:

    Send it.

  18. Yes please!

  19. Add me please

    • You have been added.. be sure to add my email address (jeff at to your whitelist or "allowed list" in your email system to make sure it is not caught by the spam filters.

      Have a great day!

  20. Please add me to your newsletter list. Thank you

    • You have been added.. be sure to add my email address (jeff at to your whitelist or "allowed list" in your email system to make sure it is not caught by the spam filters.

      Have a great day!

  21. Please add me to your newsletter list Jeff!

    Smoked leg of lamb recipe worked to perfection!

    • Matt, I am very glad to hear that the Leg of lamb recipe worked so well for you.. I have added you to the newsletter and you should start receiving it right away.

  22. Sylvia Bibb says:


    Your ideas and recipes are inspiring!!

  23. Add please.  Thank you!

  24. Tony McDermott says:

    Jeff and all–Have the largest Treager avilable with smoking racks.  Recently caught 100 kokanee salmon that average 10" each and am in need of a good smoking recipe.  Have a great 4th.  Cheers.–TMcD

  25. Jay Chernoff says:

    How do you cook for 22 hours with a charcoal smoker(weber)?

  26. Kevin Forsen says:

    How do I unsubscribe from your monthly newsletter it's very well done and informative but I've found smoking is not my cup of tea.


    thank you


  27. I'm new to this, so all the information I get is very welcomed.

    Thanks very much

  28. Bret Sorensen says:

    I too would like to be added to the list-  great site!  Just getting into the world of smoking.

  29. Jeff is the best.  I bought both the rub and sauce recipes about 2 years ago now and they are amazing!!!!  I have begun to experiment with them now that I am more comfortable with them.  I like my rub more salty than Jeff does, but to each their own.  If you are thinking about trying his recipes, Just do it.  You will not regret it for a moment.


  30. Jerry Gulledge says:

    Thank you for your Web Site. I have been a member for some time now and have your Rub and BBQ sauce and both are awesome. I was wondering if your going to come out with some other rubs or sauces in the future. I know its hard to improve on such awesome products but you know how us BBQ guys are, Always looking for new ideas.  Thanks for all you do… Awesome job.

    Jerry Gulledge

    Gulf Breeze FL.

  31. Calvin KInder says:

    keep sending me everything and anything you can. Do I use you for BBQ cook offs, No sir, I have my ways of doing and win, but you do give me ideals to try around the house. Keep up the good work and keep em coming

  32. Please add me to the newsletter. Just got my MasterBuilt electric smoker and ready to drive it hard!

  33. bring it

  34. I purchased your rub thinking it was an "all purpose" rub, it says 'Rib Rub'. Is this the correct recipe?

  35. Please include me

  36. Roby Williams says:

    I know smokin' is all about the low and slow, but could you please add my to your newsletter in a hurry :)

  37. Patricia Gilmore says:

    I love cooking healthy and I love smoked meat.

  38. I found out about your page talking to a guy on Apple technical support yesterday. I belong to a couple of BBQ forums and was not looking to join any more but after checking your site I changed my mind. Looking forward to your newsletters and checking in dailey. BTW, Help!!!!! Anybody have any experience with the DigiQ…just trying to get mine set up but don’t understand how to connect with my existing wifi.

  39. Getting a 504 bad gateway error when I try to subscibe. Please add me or let me know when the link is fixed. Thanks.

  40. Read all the comments….. I believe it’s not your equipment . . . But how you use it that counts…. as with many things in life. Started smoking meat and sausage 55 years ago using a 55gal drum (Buffalo NY, home of the Sausage Maker). Even used a hibachi in the 60’s with an aluminum foil tent in Europe, a pit covered with corrugated steal in Vietnam, and a spit turned by a car windshield wiper motor powered by a 12v btry in Republic of South Korea. Masterbuilt converted to natural gas, with a Maverick wireless is by choice. Glad to be aboard….. Please add me to your Newsletter. Thank you JJ

  41. Thanks for signing me up for your newsletter. Looking forward to reading and learning from it.

  42. Just bought an electric smoker and cant wait to fire it up . Looking forwad to them tasty newsletters Yum

  43. Thanks. Can’t wait to get started.

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