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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs


These smoked, bacon wrapped chicken thighs, absolutely must be tried to be appreciated! The thigh meat is naturally the tastiest part of the chicken, in my opinion, and then to soak it in buttermilk (for tenderness and flavor), dry brine it with my very own rub and wrap it in bacon and smoke it until perfectly done just takes things to a level that makes my mouth water just thinking about … [Read more...]

Miniature Smoked Bacon Wrapped Fatty


The smoked bacon wrapped fatty has been around for a while and it is probably one of the best smoking recipes around. For those not in the know, a smoked bacon wrapped fatty is simply a pound of sausage, rolled out flat, stuffed with cheese, veggies, other meats, whatever the mind can think up, and then wrapped in a blanket of bacon that has been weaved together carefully. It is then smoked for … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey with Bacon Butter


For the next three weeks, we are going to be getting prepared for smoking turkey and ham on that big Thanksgiving day.. the biggest smoking day of the year. I get more emails, more questions, and more feedback during the month of November than any other month of the year bar none and this has been consistently true for the past nine years that we have been … [Read more...]

Smoked Shrimp – Stuffed/Bacon Wrapped

Smoked Bacon-wrapped Shrimp

I've written about smoked shrimp and it was really good but it has so much more potential as I have shown in this newsletter. I have taken extra large shrimp and butterflied them, stuffed them with a cream cheese mixture, wrapped them in a half-slice of bacon and  then smoked them to perfection. These babies surpassed my every expectation and were everything I thought they could be … [Read more...]

Smoked Mac and Cheese w/ Bacon and Pulled Pork


This week I am going to show you how to make smoked mac and cheese and if you are a mac and cheese lover like I am, then you will appreciate this recipe beyond words! The smoke goes with the cheesiness like it was just meant to happen and you seriously will not believe your taste buds when you taste this. I have had smoked mac and cheese on several occasions and it's always been … [Read more...]

Personal Sized Smoked Bacon Wrapped Fatty


With Father's Day looming upon us, I wanted to post a recipe that is worthy of this sort of manly and carnivorous occasion. It had to be fate or perhaps destiny that caused my mind to wonder to the amazing and wonderful bacon wrapped fatty. We all love this amazing sausage chub stuffed with cheese, jalapenos, and all sorts of other goodies and wrapped in a weave of bacon and there is no … [Read more...]

Smoked Bacon and Sausage Flatty


Hello newsletter friends! Welcome to another wonderful edition of the smoking meat newsletter. I am really excited to show you what I have come up with for this week! All of you have probably at least heard of the bacon explosion.  It's simply ground breakfast sausage, cheese and a lot of other goodies all rolled up into a chub, wrapped in a blanket of bacon and smoked for … [Read more...]

Smoked Meatloaf – Stuffed with Cream Cheese Filled Jalapeños – Topped with BBQ Sauce and Bacon Crumbles

Amazing Smoked Meatloaf stuffed with cream-cheese filled jalapeño and topped with bacon crumbles

Hello friends and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter. As is the case in winter, I usually try to feature things that are quick and easy to make in an effort to keep you out of the cold as much as possible. I threw in a brisket for the last newsletter but that's not my normal winter-time topic. Having said that, with the temperatures here in Oklahoma far above … [Read more...]

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast- March 17, 2011 Newsletter


Hello and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter! I am excited to share my bacon wrapped chicken breast recipe that is not only beautiful and tasty, but it's also very simple. Chicken breasts have never been my favorite part of the chicken and when there's a bucket, I'm the one diving for the thighs and drumsticks but this recipe makes me change my mind about breast … [Read more...]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sausage Fatty – "Bacon Explosion"


Hello friends and welcome to the very first newsletter of the decade! This is the January 2010 issue and I am so excited about this one since we are covering one of my most favorite smoked delicacies.. the bacon wrapped stuffed sausage fatty most commonly called a Bacon Explosion on the internet. Around here we just call it a fatty and everyone knows what we are talking … [Read more...]