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About Jeff

Jeff Phillips

When I was about 14 years old, I read the book My Side of the Mountain.   My imagination was tantalized by the idea that a young boy could take care of himself and eat things like pine cones and live in the trunk of a great tree. I was already fascinated by living off the land, surviving in the wilderness and cooking my own food outdoors.   The idea of being independent … [Read more...]

The Smoking Recipe Index

If you are looking for a smoking recipe then you have come to the right place. With more than 300 pages of information on smoking every kind of meat imaginable, we have recipes running out our ears if you will pardon the overused cliche. Periodically I may also add some user submitted recipes to this site as well and when I do, I will try to get them added to the … [Read more...]

The Smoking Meat FAQ

Another brand new part of the smoking meat website.. you ask questions and I answer them. These are actual emails I have recieved from web visitors on various subjects related to smoking meat. Most of my answers are so long and detailed that each one takes up a separate page. Simply click on the one that interests you to go to the specific page. Basics of Smoking a … [Read more...]

The Smoking Basics eCourse

Due to the huge number of emails I receive on a daily basic concerning different aspects of smoking meat, I have put together a basic course which covers most of the things a person new to the smoking arena or maybe even those who are somewhat proficient but would like to brush up on some of the things that they do but don't really know why. Regardless of the reasoning.. this 5-Day eCourse is a … [Read more...]

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This form is for your convenience and is a direct line to my email box, I will do my best to get back with you as soon as possible however, try to understand that I do get a LOT of email and I cannot answer every single smoking meat question that comes in. Please consider asking time sensitive cooking questions at the forum for a much faster response. The forum is located … [Read more...]

Smoking Meat/Barbecue Forum


Barbecue forums have been a great source of learning for me over the years. I find that it is an excellent way to express yourself, ask questions, share knowledge and gain rapport with other people. I have begun to get so many questions on a daily basis that I cannot always get them all answered properly. This is where a barbecue forum comes in real handy;-) There … [Read more...]

Meat Safety – September 2008 Smoking Meat Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the September edition of the smoking meat newsletter... hoping most of you are into some cooler weather and with the nip in the air comes the desire to bathe yourselves in the wonderful smell of hickory, mesquite, pecan and various other great smelling smoking woods. Not to put a damper on this wonderful time of year but this month we are going to be dealing … [Read more...]

Smoking Times and Temperatures Chart

My smoking times and temperatures chart for smoking meat is at the bottom of this page. When it comes to smoking meat, the time is not nearly as important as the temperature. Temperature should always be used to determine when the meat is done cooking rather than the time. I have many people who email me and ask me how long to smoke ribs or how many hours per pound to smoke brisket and … [Read more...]