Cold Smoking

21 03, 2013

Smoked Eggs

By |March 21st, 2013|Appetizers, Cold Smoking, Poultry|24 Comments

Did you know that you can easily make smoked eggs in your home smoker? Yes you can and to me, the smoked flavor really sets them off. I am not one to eat boiled eggs however, with the smoky flavor on these, I will sit down and eat several. They can also be made into [...]

6 10, 2012

FAQ – Information on Making Sausage, Salami and Prosciutto

By |October 6th, 2012|Cold Smoking, Sausage & Bacon|0 Comments

Q: Thanks for the continued effort Jeff! Love this stuff.... I have some meat related questions but they're actually pre-smoking questions, preparation really. Hopefully you'll have an idea or a reference for me. I'm a big fan of salami other cured meats, I want to make my own stuff and then smoke it! I think [...]

1 05, 2010

How to Smoke Cheese – May 2010 Newsletter

By |May 1st, 2010|Cold Smoking, Newsletters|13 Comments

Hello friends and welcome to the May 2010 edition of the smoking meat newsletter. With Memorial Day just around the corner, many of you are starting to think about what you will cook and hopefully I can give you a helping hand with that. As usual on holiday editions, I am going to provide some [...]

1 07, 2005

How to Smoke Cheese

By |July 1st, 2005|Cold Smoking|11 Comments

When asked how to smoke cheese my mind flies thru all of the complexities of cold smoking cheese.. something that is alien to most people. You have to cold smoke the cheese so it does not melt. By cold smoking we mean smoking at temperatures of 90 degrees or less something that [...]