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Smoked Eggs

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Did you know that you can easily make smoked eggs in your home smoker? Yes you can and to me, the smoked flavor really sets them off.

I am not one to eat boiled eggs however, with the smoky flavor on these, I will sit down and eat several.

They can also be made into deviled eggs, egg salad etc. and the smoke really compliments the recipe.

The first thing you want to do is to boil the eggs for but don't get them over done. Try to boil them so that they are just to the point of being done but no more.

At that point, peel the eggs carefully so that you do not mess up the white stuff.

Lay the boiled and peeled eggs on a Bradley rack to make it easy to carry them to and from the smoker. They can even stay on the rack while they are smoking due to how it's made.

Place eggs on the Bradley rack

Setup the smoker for cooking at very low temperatures since you only need to smoke the eggs rather than cook them. The lower the better but as high as 200 degrees will also work since you are not leaving them in there very long.

Place the eggs in the smoker for about 30 minutes.

Use pecan, cherry, oak, whatever smoking wood you have available and it will be good.


I cut one open and while the brown only permeated to about 1/16 below the surface, you could taste the smoke throughout.

Smoked eggs

I have heard of folks smoking eggs right through the shell but I always peel them first. I want that smoke to really make it's mark on the eggs.

For a rare treat, smoke the eggs then pickle them.

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  1. Smoked eggs also make great deviled eggs. I use a BBQ rub that doesn’t have sugar in it.
    Egg yolks, mayo, mustard, bbq rub; mix and then stuff egg whites. Sprinkle rub on top for color.

  2. Wow.. I just finished smoking 2 dozen eggs. 250* for 2 hours. Heavy on the hickory smoke. let em cool slow.. Holy cow. I ate 3 before I could make myself slow down… No broken ones. Worked like a charm.. Thanks guys and gals… Jim from Beatrice NE

  3. I have had your book for about a year now and enjoy it.. Thanks now with this app I have more was looking for a recipe for pork tenderloin that is not in your book and I found it

  4. Wow! This looks very intriguing. I love all things egg. Question: Does the smoking process preserve the eggs at all? How long would they last.

  5. I brine them in a mild salt water. They turn out fantastic. To peel them, try putting the egg in a tumbler glass. Shake the crap out of it with your hand over the rim. I peeled 3 dozen last night in less than 10 minutes. Going to try deviled eggs in the morning.

  6. These smoked eggs are awesome. I have made these 5 times now and they are awesome. I smoked them the way you recommended and smoked them raw for 2 hours at 250 degrees. Smoked eggs are the best and I can’t wait to make more thins with them, I cut some up and put them on on a smoked bologna sandwich..greatest thing ever.

  7. Jeff-
    This was a great idea, I have now done these about 10 times. Couple of things I found out that worked good for me.
    1- I keep my temp at 175
    2- I pull my eggs from the hard boil about a minute early.
    3- I have used the eggs for egg salad and potato salad.

    Thanks again!

  8. Hey, try not boiling them… place fresh Eggs on your Smoker , in a place that is 250*F for 2 hrs. and you’ll have Smoked Eggs in the shell for Smoked Eggs the hard way…:)-

    1. oldschoolbbq – i smoked eggs the way you suggested… They turned out great… I am not sure where i have been but smoked eggs are awesome! – I smoked a few dz last weekend… Made deviled eggs with a few and then pickled the rest… can’t wait for this weekend to snack on the pickled eggs…

  9. A friend of mine showed me this link; great idea.

    Even better, his thought: ever had a Scotch Egg? They are wonderful as they are, but oh, my, these would be mighty tasty inside one of them!!!

  10. I use a smoke tube[ see at kck.com] with traeger pellets in my offset smoker. If its cold out, the temp inside my smoker is the same as outside. I devil my smoked eggs with chopped bacon and chopped jalapenos,mayo,mustard. Xtra sharp cheddar is my favorite with alder or apple pellets.

  11. Jeff

    Just a tip, when smoking eggs in your smoker.  I use a jalapeno pepper pan. I can usually get about 24 eggs on this pan and it works great.  Thanks, Jeff for all the great recipes.  Dan Schultze, Wymore, NE

      1. Just smoked some eggs, Fantastic! I must pass on a trick I picked up from one of the cooking mags. Don’t boil eggs in water, steam them instead, the shells are ridiculously easy to peel. I start with them at room temp, steam for 20 min, plunge into an ice bath. No idea why this works but it does, the shells come off effortlessly.

        1. you are right. I learned the steam way and have been doing it since. also eggs that are a week or 2 old peel easier.

          1. Steaming works great on making the eggs easier to peel. To make them even easier, I have an electric pressure cooker that I to them in and they are even easier to peel.

          2. If the pressure cooked eggs shell any better than steamed, they should shell themselves.

  12. Rest assured that you will not be disappointed with the rub recipe. It is the best rub that I have found to date. I am not a sauce guy but I bought both recipes anyway just in case. Awesome idea on the eggs I will have to do some next time with some Mississippi prime rib (bologna)  . Your website is very helpful to the shade tree smokers out there. Much appreciated. 

  13. I both enjoy and respect the work you do to put this out for us.

    I read a comment on your book that the recipies that you talk about are not included in the book. Please set this straight. I read every column and need to buy the book if for no other reason to support you efforts, however i would expect the recipies to be included.

    1. I do have a book (published in May 2012)  with lots of recipes including rubs, sauces and marinades as well as tons of information on smoking meat. I also have (2) recipes that I sell on this website.. i.e. my rub and my sauce, which are not in the book.

      So if you want purchase the book, you can do that at Amazon or most any bookstore online or otherwise. Just a note, they are out of books right now and should have more available very soon.

      You can also purchase the recipes for my special rub and sauce which supports this website and the newsletter HERE.

      I hope that makes a little more sense;-)

      1. I just ordered your book from Amazon yesterday. I am really disappointed that the recipe for your rub and sauce are not in there. If I had know that, I wouldn’t have ordered it. Kind of senseless to have recipes that call for a rub or sauce without the recipe for them. I paid enough for the book so I don’t plan on paying another $19 for the recipes.

        1. Cindy,

          I can appreciate your frustration however, I was somewhat limited by my publisher and we decided to not include the (2) recipes that I sell to support the website and the newsletter.

          There is no pressure to purchase my recipes for the rub and the sauce unless you want do do so. They are very good, but the recipes in the book are also very good.

          Additionally, if have purchased the book, feel free to send me proof of purchase (store receipt, image of you holding the book, etc.) and I will be more than happy to send you a coupon good for $4 off the cost of the recipes.

          Please let me know if you have further questions or comments about this.

  14. Jeff, find an Amish grocery. Buy a loaf

    of 'Desert Fire' cheese. I smoked one

    as I was cold smoking in my Bradley some country cured bacon. Two hours 

    smoke only, no heat OMG!!


    Any pepper cheese might work. I also smoked a block of cheddar-not near as good as the Desert Fire.