Smoked Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving

Smoked Turkey Breast

Smoked turkey breast is a better option for folks who do not care for dark meat or if you are cooking for a smaller crowd. It's also a little fancier in my opinion and for something like Thanksgiving, that can be important. Turkey breasts come as bone-in and boneless but I prefer to purchase the whole bone-in turkey breast and I'll either cook them just like they are or sometimes … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey with Bacon Butter


For the next three weeks, we are going to be getting prepared for smoking turkey and ham on that big Thanksgiving day.. the biggest smoking day of the year. I get more emails, more questions, and more feedback during the month of November than any other month of the year bar none and this has been consistently true for the past nine years that we have been … [Read more...]

Brined Smoked Turkey Legs


Hello newsletter friends! Welcome to this edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter where we will be discussing how to smoke turkey legs. Every year I see these at the local fair and I cringe like a vampire at sunrise when I see the price since I know how easy it is to make a batch of these and how much better they can be when made at home. I have a recipe that I've been using for … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving


The Thanksgiving holiday is upon us once again here in the USA and the tradition is to have turkey and perhaps ham and all the sides that go along with that. It's a time when family and friends get together and remember all that they have to be thankful for. Under normal circumstances I would be doing a full sized smoked turkey however, this time around, I plan to do a couple of smoked … [Read more...]

Smoking Turkey on a Brinkman Water Smoker

Ok.. smoking turkey on a Brinkmann water smoker may not be your thing but for millions of people it is. And probable half of those million have problems maintaining a proper fire and turning out a good piece of meat on that 39 dollar hunk of metal. I have recieved email after email that could be correctly labeled cries for help and folks.. I have heard your cries and am going to … [Read more...]

FAQ – Problem with Tough, Inedible Chicken and Turkey Skin

Q: We got our smoker for Thanksgiving (Cabella propane) and love it, but both times we've cooked chicken/turkey, the skin is inedible.  Like leather.  The meat is great - we've brined it both times. How do you keep the skin from being so tough? Thanks. A: On poultry the skin does seem to take the brunt of the smoke and heat and usually turns out … [Read more...]

Buttermilk Brined Smoked Turkey for Thanksgiving


Hello everyone and welcome to this special Thanksgiving edition of the smoking meat newsletter. As the tradition would mandate, we are talking about smoking turkey this time and I plan to show you how to make the best smoked turkey you, your friends and your family have ever eaten. My recipes all begin as little ideas in my head, then I have to test it out, make changes, test it again, … [Read more...]

Smoked Turkey Legs + Smoking Nuts and Edible Seeds


Hello friends and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter. With Fall upon us and turkey day just around the corner in the USA, thoughts turn toward celebration and all of the fun and food that goes along with that. Fall is sort of the turning point at my house where I start looking forward to the Halloween parties and get togethers, the thanksgiving celebrations and whether … [Read more...]

Smoked Cranberry Brined Turkey – November 2010 Newsletter


Welcome folks to the November 2010 issue of the smoking meat newsletter and as promised this is the Thanksgiving issue where we always talk about smoking a whole turkey. I do want you to know that this year, I have added a wonderfully tasty twist to the turkey and, as always, it is best when done exactly the way the recipe is written and you need not worry as I have put in a … [Read more...]

Smoked Bone-in Turkey Breast

Smoked bone-in Turkey Breast 045-small

Hello friends and welcome to the October 2010 edition of the smoking meat newsletter. With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner for us Americans, it's all about the turkey and the fixin's and this month it's all about smoked bone-in turkey breast. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of turkey or of the white meat in turkey.. just too dry for my taste. Well that … [Read more...]