Creative Smoking with Foil Pans

2013-03-16T14:44:47+00:00 By |

Foil Pans for Smoking - A Great Idea!! One of the newest things I have been doing is implementing the use of foil pans into the smoking process. Some of you may already do this but I was a little slow at using them since it does seem like it would hinder the flow of smoke and allow the meat [...]

Barbecue Concession Trailer

2013-04-14T01:22:14+00:00 By |

A barbecue concession trailer business is a good way to make money with your barbecue.. this may not interest some of you but I have friends who rake in the cash every year at our local state fair doing what they love to do! [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I recently acquired a concession trailer site and it happens to be about the [...]

Barbecue Competitions

2017-09-06T16:04:08+00:00 By |

Barbecue competitions held across the continental US every year are more fun than a barrel of monkeys. If you know of a Barbecue Competition event that is not listed here please contact me with all of the details and I will add it on as well. I have had many people call and email wanting to know about barbecue competitions [...]

Meat Safety – September 2008 Smoking Meat Newsletter

2013-03-24T12:57:59+00:00 By |

Hello and welcome to the September edition of the smoking meat newsletter... hoping most of you are into some cooler weather and with the nip in the air comes the desire to bathe yourselves in the wonderful smell of hickory, mesquite, pecan and various other great smelling smoking woods. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] Not to put a damper on this wonderful [...]

How to Smoke Multiple Types/Sizes of Meats

2013-03-24T13:14:03+00:00 By |

Welcome friends to the September edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter! We have a lot of great information to cover so let's jump right into it with no further adieu! Some of the featured articles this month include: Smoking Multiple Types/Sizes of Meat Buy the Recipes - Support the Site Joke of the Month Smoking Multiple Types/Sizes of Meat It [...]

July 2007 – A Course on Smokology

2013-04-18T20:56:51+00:00 By |

As always, I try to be a good listener and tune in to the questions that folks are asking the most so I can address the issues that folks are needing to know rather than just what I want to talk about.. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I have had a ton of questions lately on how much smoke is enough and [...]

4 Most Important Elements of Smoking Meat

2013-04-14T01:22:17+00:00 By |

Hello and welcome to the April 2007 edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter, our monthly publication. In this edition we are going to look at some very important.. make that the MOST IMPORTANT.. elements in smoking meat. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I am convinced that anyone.. yes.. anyone.. can master the art of smoking if you have the desire and the [...]

Secret to Keeping Meat Juicy and Flavorful

2013-05-13T18:07:11+00:00 By |

If you have ever had a problem with "too dry" meat then this newsletter is just for you.. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] Give the Meat a little R&R after Cooking This is something that we have not covered (as far as I can remember) in any of our newsletters.. and it needs to be covered since it is such an important [...]

Smoking Times and Temperatures Chart

2018-05-03T21:58:09+00:00 By |

My smoking times and temperatures chart for smoking meat is at the bottom of this page. Temperature should always be used to determine when the meat is done cooking rather than the time. I highly recommend a digital probe meat thermometer to monitor the temperature of the meat while it smokes. These thermometers have a probe(s) that stays in the [...]

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