Some folks will say that you don't really need to season the Weber smoky mountain (WSM) smoker but I think you should season any smoker when you first buy it if it is new and has not been used.

Seasoning a smoker is easy to do and simply makes sure that there are no left over oils, residue or any other unwanted chemicals or substances on the walls or grates of the smoker.

To season the Weber smoky mountain smoker:

  1. Set the smoker up for cooking by adding about 4 lbs of lit charcoal to the fire bowl using a charcoal chimney starter to get the charcoal going.
  2. Place the body of the smoker onto the bottom section (fire bowl).
  3. Place the water pan onto the waterpan brackets and fill with about 2 gallons of water.
  4. Put the bottom and top grates into place on the brackets/holders
  5. Put the dome lid onto the top of the body
  6. Adjust top vent to fully open
  7. Adjust bottom vents to fully open until the temperature reads about 200 degrees then you can close them to 1/4 open or so to let it ease up to about 225 degrees.
  8. Place a few wood chunks or a small split of smoking wood on top of the charcoal via the access door in the side of the smoker.
  9. Further adjust the bottom dampers as required to maintain 225 degrees in the smoker for 2 hours.

Once the seasoning process is complete, the smoker is ready to use for cooking food.