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4 Easy Steps to Smoking Trout and Other Fish

Hello and welcome to the February 2007 edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter! With warmer weather on the horizon I am beginning to feel a little more gung ho about being outdoors. Lately, I find myself dreaming of finishing up long, put off outdoor projects as I lazily watch thin blue smoke puff out of my smoker and disappear into [...]

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Smoked Ham for the Christmas Holidays

Hello friends and welcome to the Christmas edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter! We talked about smoking turkey in our last issue and while that may be on the menu for Christmas as well, I am going to give you a few easy tips for smoking a ham even if it is pre-cooked. With no further explanation, I am going [...]

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Complete How-to Information for Smoking Turkey

Hello all and welcome to the Smoking Meat Newsletter.. as you can imagine we are dealing with the only possible things we could be dealing with this month and that is smoked turkey! [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I love thanksgiving (not just because it is my birthday either) but because it is many things such as cooler weather, crisp cool nights, [...]

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Pulled Pork – A Party in Your Mouth

Hello friends and welcome to the October edition of the most read barbecue/smoking meat newsletter online. As a lot of you know, I have been very, very busy moving out to our new 10 acre property and it is beautiful beyond words. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I have a small apple and peach orchard just ready to be tended to and [...]

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Baby Beer Can Chicken – Complete Instructions

Hello and welcome to the September issue of the Smoking Meat Newsletter, quite possibly the best source of information online in the form of a newsletter! [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I am so happy that it is cooling down some here in Oklahoma and my smoker has been staying fired up to prove it. This month, the focus is on chicken.. [...]

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Smoked Chicken Walkthrough – Anniversary Issue

Hello and welcome to the July edition of the Smoking Meat newsletter.. it just so happens that this month is also our 24th issue. It's our 2nd anniversary and we are so happy that you are able to celebrate with us. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] I try to stay with what is concerning folks the most in any given month and [...]

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Smoked Meatloaf Extravaganza in June

Hello and welcome to the June edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter home of the hottest smokin' topics month after month bar none! Last month we discussed one of my favorite grilling items.. country style ribs and if you missed that issue then I think you should check it out soon by clicking here. I have been looking forward to [...]

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May is National Barbecue Month

Hello and welcome to the May edition of the Smoking Meat Newsletter the voice of the "Low and Slow", and occasionally "high and fast" barbecue community. Last month we talked about smoking eggs in a couple of different ways and hopefully some of you were able to try that in commemoration of the Easter season. If you did not get [...]

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How to Clean & Maintain Your Smoker

Hello and welcome to the the March edition of the Smoking Meat newsletter.  This is the perfect time of year to get your smoker ready for the up and coming warm weather, and the perfect time to invite friends and family over and show everyone your artistic abilities in the back yard. [wptouch target="non-mobile"] [/wptouch] Last month we discussed how to [...]

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