Double Smoked Ham for Christmas

2017-10-26T16:58:50+00:00 By |

Possibly one of the easiest holiday recipes there is and yet, this double smoked ham gets rave reviews every time I do it. Don't just heat up the ham in the oven this year, add some of my rub (purchase recipes here) and re-smoke it in the smoker for a flavor that can't be beat. Helpful Information Preparation time: 10 minutes Cook time: 3-4 hours [...]

Smoked Ribs with Maple BBQ Glaze

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It is no secret that my maple barbecue glaze is amazingly good and has been featured on turkey and even chicken but can it be used on things other than poultry? This week we are brushing it onto smoked baby back ribs while they cook in the Traeger pellet smoker we just received and it has, once again, "hit it out of the [...]

Pork Country Style Rib Burnt Ends

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Burnt ends, those wonderfully delectable morsels of goodness that are browned perfectly on the outside and soft and moist on the inside are often made from the fatty end of the brisket called the point but I discovered a good while back that they can also be made from pork in much the same way. In the past I have cooked [...]

Smoked Bourbon Pig Candy – Bacon Nirvana

2017-10-26T16:54:43+00:00 By |

Pig candy is nothing new but it does take things up about 5000 notches when you make it in the smoker. The last time I wrote about this I simply used my rub and brown sugar on the outside as a dry mixture. This time I made a glaze from bourbon, brown sugar, maple syrup and of course, my original rub, to [...]

Smoked Teriyaki Barbecue Pork Sirloin

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Barbecue and teriyaki is an excellent combination as demonstrated with this smoked pork sirloin roast marinated for several hours in teriyaki sauce and then rubbed with my barbecue seasoning (purchase recipes here) and smoked to perfectly done. Helpful Information Preparation time: 15 minutes Marinate Time: 4-8 hours Cook time: 2 hours Smoker temperature: 225-240°F Meat finish temperature: 145°F Recommended wood: Hickory What You'll Need Pork sirloin roast(s) [...]

Smoked Pork Tenderloin – So Lean and Delicious

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While much of the pork that we smoke and grill is anything but healthy, smoked pork tenderloin rivals lean white meat chicken in calories, fat and cholesterol. Eat it because it tastes amazing and enjoy the fact that it's also healthy! Helpful Information Preparation time: 20 minutes Cook time: 1 to 1.5 hours Smoker temperature: 250°F Meat finish temperature: 145°F Recommended [...]

Smoked Pork Butt on a Stick

2018-04-06T14:21:46+00:00 By |

I love eating food from a stick.. popsicles, kabobs, corndogs, you name it, that's just my kind of thing. Smoked pork butt on a stick is right down my alley and I think you'll like it as well. This also serves as a great appetizer to keep folks occupied and happy while the main course is on the smoker. Helpful Information Preparation time: 25 minutes Cook [...]

Pre-slicing Ribs Before Smoking Them

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Rick Shaw, a newsletter subscriber, smoker enthusiast and one who is obviously not afraid to do things differently, emailed me a couple of weeks ago mentioning that he slices ribs individually before smoking them. He included his own technique and method for doing this. I know that people sometimes cut racks of ribs into halves or maybe into pieces that are 3 [...]

Smoked Baby Back Ribs – Tender and Easy

2018-05-18T09:04:33+00:00 By |

As you may know from reading my posts, I have a "thing" about ribs.. namely pork ribs and to get even more specific with it, smoked baby back ribs! There's a lot to love about these considering they usually have a good bit of meat on them, they cook up in around 5 hours and there's not a lot of fat [...]

Smoked Pork Chops Stuffed with Gouda and Bacon

2018-04-13T18:04:59+00:00 By |

Big fat, butterflied pork chops stuffed with shredded gouda cheese and crispy pieces of bacon smoked until perfectly done and the delicious melted cheese is oozing out from the edges. That's what I call pure goodness! Helpful Information Prep Time: 25 minutes Cook Time: 2 hours Smoker Temp: 225-240°F Meat Finish Temp: 145°F Recommended Wood: Cherry What You'll Need 4-6 butterflied pork chops [...]

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