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Please note that my rubs and barbecue sauce are now available in 2 formats– you can purchase the formulas and make them yourself OR you can buy them already made, in a bottle, ready to use. Hint: The sampler packs, which contain both of Jeff's rubs and a bottle of Jeff's original barbecue sauce, make excellent gifts.

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Alabama White Sauce on Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Most of us have heard of Alabama white sauce.. which is a really tasty sauce created with mayonnaise, black pepper and any number of other ingredients. The variations are endless and it's most often used on chicken but I've also seen it used on pork and seafood. In this recipe, I use a very basic Alabama white sauce recipe on [...]

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Stuffed Jalapeños – Atomic Buffalo Turds

This week I am sharing stuffed jalapeños, one of my favorite smoked appetizers. These jalapenos are stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese and extra sharp cheddar then wrapped in bacon. These are amazing for parties, get togethers, anytime it's gonna be a while till dinner and guests are hungry, or just because you are craving them. They are called "Atomic buffalo turds" [...]

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Smoked Turkey Roast Basted with Bacon

In this recipe, I will show you how to smoke this turkey roast using a little bacon inside the cooking net so that it comes out extremely tender and delicious with a tasty edge that will make everyone say wow with every bite. Be sure to use my Original Rub* for that perfect crust! Helpful Information Prep Time: 15 minutes [...]

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Smoked Spare Ribs that Literally Fall Apart

I receive emails every week asking how to make super tender spare ribs in the smoker and some even say that the 3-2-1 method still doesn't get them as tender as they like. This week I'm going to show you how to make spare ribs that are so fall apart tender that you can just pull the bones out as [...]

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Apricot and Honey Chicken Wings – Hickory Smoked

My affinity for smoked chicken wings is known far and wide-- my most recent experiment involved brushing a mixture of apricot spreadable fruit and honey onto the wings when they were almost done cooking. The sweetness of the fruit and honey mixed with the spiciness of my original rub recipe (purchase recipe here) created an awesome combination that had me licking [...]

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Smoked Loin Lamb Chops – with Rosemary and Olive Oil

Easter is this coming Sunday and as tradition would have it, we are doing a special cut of lamb in the smoker.. Smoked lamb loin chops with rosemary and olive oil-- dry brined with coarse kosher salt and then seasoned to perfection with my original rub recipe (instant download after purchase). Might be the best lamb I've done yet. [...]

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Smoked Tomahawk Steaks: Reverse Seared to Perfection

Smoked tomahawk steaks are a thick, flintstone-like hunk of ribeye with the "handle" still attached and they taste just as awesome as they look right out of the smoker! I make no bones about it, these steaks are easy to cook if you follow these instructions and you'll be the steak master in your neighborhood for years to come! Be sure to use [...]

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Smoked Pork Country Style Ribs – Cherry Dr Pepper

Smoked pork country style ribs may be one of my favorite things to eat.. although, I do have a lot of favorites! They are great smoked low and slow and they are equally good grilled up hot and fast so in this rendition, I am smoking them low and slow to get some really solid smoke flavor on them and [...]

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Smoked Corned Beef Brisket for St. Patrick's Day

Nearly every St. Patrick's day season, the corned beef briskets show up in stores and I start getting emails about smoked corned beef brisket or making homemade pastrami. Pastrami is simply a corned beef brisket seasoned with a special blend of spices and then smoked until tender. In this variation, I am going to show you how to amp up [...]

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Smoked Chicken Nachos – Bring It On!

If you are a nacho lover like me, you're going to love the flavor that the smoke adds to these smoked chicken nachos! Chicken tenderloins are brined in buttermilk for a very short time, smoked and then cut into small pieces for the nachos. I will show you how to build individual nachos using the tiny, bite-size scoops but be sure to see [...]

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