How to Smoke Meat – Web Version

This is for those of you who are so clueless that you are not even sure where the meat goes in your smoker. If you have questions like: Where does the charcoal go? Where does the wood go? Do I use wood or charcoal? Do I build the fire in the big part or the smaller part? What in the heck is a water pan?   When I say clueless, I am not being ugly.. I get questions from some … [Read more...]

Questions & Answers on Smoking Meat


Hello and welcome to another edition of the smoking meat newsletter and it's time again for my answers to your most pressing smoking meat questions. I have selected some questions that get asked time and time again and delved into them with some clear and straight-forward answers. I hope you enjoy this and most of all, I hope you learn something that you did not know … [Read more...]

Questions and Answers on Smoking Meat


Hello and welcome to this edition of the smoking meat newsletter. It is late July and it's hot but I still have the smoker going fairly often and I hope you guys have found some great ways to stay cool this summer while you cook outdoors. I am always looking to give you guys and gals the best smoking meat information I can muster up and I thought this week we'd do some live … [Read more...]

How to Make a Foil Woodchip Pack


Before I explain how to make a foil woodchip pack, I need to explain why this is important. I often have folks ask me if they should soak the wood chips in water or not and my answer is always the same.. it's not necessary and in most cases is even counter productive. Here's some things that I have discovered about wood chips: Wet wood chips will cool the coals, … [Read more...]

How to Season a Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM) Smoker

Some folks will say that you don't really need to season the Weber smoky mountain (WSM) smoker but I think you should season any smoker when you first buy it if it is new and has not been used. Seasoning a smoker is easy to do and simply makes sure that there are no left over oils, residue or any other unwanted chemicals or substances on the walls or grates of the smoker. To … [Read more...]

How To Use a Charcoal Chimney Starter


There are many ways to light the charcoal for your charcoal smoker but I highly recommend using a charcoal chimney starter when performing this task. If I can go a step further, allow me to recommend the ones made by Weber as they are larger and more durable than most of the other brands that I have seen available. You can find these at or you might also be able to find one at … [Read more...]

The Smoking Basics eCourse

Due to the huge number of emails I receive on a daily basic concerning different aspects of smoking meat, I have put together a basic course which covers most of the things a person new to the smoking arena or maybe even those who are somewhat proficient but would like to brush up on some of the things that they do but don't really know why. Regardless of the reasoning.. this 5-Day eCourse is a … [Read more...]

The Minion Method on the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker


Many of you new to the craft may be asking, "what in the heck is this minion method you are talking about ?" while you long timers may know what it is but just haven't used it or experienced what it can do for your cooking especially if you are using the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker or a similar unit. The way I understand it, Jim Minion was competing at a barbecue … [Read more...]

Meat Safety for Health

Meat safety guidelines must be followed when handling, cooking and serving meat to ensure the safety of your family and friends as well as yourself. Most of this is common sense like washing your hands after handling meat and not letting meat sit out of the fridge for very long but I have learned over the years to not assume anything so I want to go over some very important food … [Read more...]

Creative Smoking with Foil Pans

Foil Pans for Smoking - A Great Idea!! One of the newest things I have been doing is implementing the use of foil pans into the smoking process. Some of you may already do this but I was a little slow at using them since it does seem like it would hinder the flow of smoke and allow the meat to sit in juice for several hours.. this would be nothing short of boiling the meat if only … [Read more...]