For more than ten years now, has been providing a smoking meat newsletter packed full of great information on smoking ribs, brisket, pork shoulder, fish, and even off the wall stuff like smoked meatloaf and smoked stuffed breakfast sausage called fatties.

I am always looking for great suggestions for newsletter topics.. if you have something that you would really like to see me write about then send it to me and I will see what I can do.



August 13  Pre-slicing Ribs Before Smoking Them
August 6  Cream Cheese & Jalapeño Stuffed Chicken Breast
July 30  Smoked Baby Back Ribs – Tender and Easy
July 23  Cool Smoked Salmon with Citrus
July 16  Smoked Bone-in Ribeye Steak
July 9  Smoked Maple Barbecue Chicken
July 2  July 4th Issue – Shrimp Stuffed ABT’s (repost)
June 25  Smoked Pork Chops Stuffed with Gouda
June 18 Wine Braised Smoked Beef Short Ribs
June 11  Beer Brined Smoked Chicken
June 4  Smoked Pulled Pork Stuffed Burgers
May 28  Tasty and Tender Smoked Pulled Pork
May 21  Smoked Bacon Wrapped Hotlinks, Sausage, Etc.
May 14  Smoked Pork Country Style Ribs
May 7  Smoked Cornish Hens
April 30  Smoked Tri-tip Roast
April 23  3-2-1 Smoked St. Louis Style Spare Ribs
April 16  Smoked Pork Tenderloin (repost)
April 9  Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Skewers
April 2  Special Easter Edition
March 26  Double Smoked Ham for Easter
March 19  Smoked Sausage and Peppers with Bologna
March 12  Smoked Corned Beef Brisket (Pastrami)
March 5  Honey Barbecue Smoked Chicken Wings
February 26  Bourbon Smoked Chuck Roast
February 19  Smoked Trout with Lemon and Herbs
February 12  Smoked Oysters Wrapped in Bacon
February 5  Smoked Steak and Lobster (Valentines)
January 29  Cheesy Smoked Meatballs (Super Bowl)
January 22  Smoked and Grilled Chicken Quarters
January 15  Bacon Wrapped Smoked Burnt Ends
January 8  Double Smoked Chopped Brisket



December 30  Smoked Appetizers for New Years
December 21  Cranberry and Pecan Stuffed Turkey Breast
December 18  Cherry Bourbon Smoked Pork Tenderloin
December 11  Mesquite Smoked Prime Rib for Christmas
December 4  Smoked Pork Baby Back Ribs for Christmas
November 23  Smoking Meat for Thanksgiving – FAQ
November 20  Double Smoked Ham Steaks
November 13  Smoked Maple Barbecue Turkey
November 6  Sweet and Spicy Smoked Turkey Legs
October 30  Smoked Beef Country Style Ribs
October 23  Smoked Bacon Candy (Pig Candy)
October 16  Smoked Beef Back Ribs
October 9  Apple Brined Pork Tenderloin
October 2 Smoked Beef and Pork Meatloaf Muffins
September 25 Smoked and Grilled Chicken Breast
September 18 Smoked 4-1-1 Spare Ribs w/ Injected Butter
September 11 Smoked Filet Mignon of Salmon
September 4 Smoked Campfire Chicken
August 28 Smoked Burger Dogs
August 21 How to Make Smoked Pulled Pork
August 14 Pecan Smoked Chicken Wings
August 7 Smoked Baby Back Rib Sandwich
July 31 Smoked Pigs on the Beach
July 24 Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf Logs
July 17 Smoked Chicken Lollipops
July 10 Smoked Pork Steaks and Country Style Ribs
July 3 Shrimp and Cream Cheese Stuffed Jalapeños
June 26 Smoked Baby Back Ribs
June 19 Smoked Chuck Roast
June 12 Smoked Chicken Halves
June 5 Smoked Salmon on a Stick
May 29 Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
May 22 Special Memorial Day Issue – Onion Cola Spare Ribs
May 15 Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Breasts
May 8 Herb Rubbed Smoked Pork Loin
May 1 Smoked Hamburgers/Smoked Hotdogs
April 24 Pork Burnt Ends with Spicy Butter Injection
April 17 Special Easter Edition
April 10 Smoked Beef Back Ribs
April 3 Bacon Wrapped Chicken Thighs
March 27 Pulled Pork Stuffed Mushrooms
March 20 Beer Brined Cornish Hen
March 13 Peach Smoked Pork Tenderloin
March 6 Orange Juice Brisket
February 27 Miniature Bacon Wrapped Fatty
February 20 Smoked Flat Iron Steaks
February 13 Smoked Seafood Fettuccine Alfredo
February 6 How to Smoke Meat (updated)
January 30 Smoked Super Bowl Food!
January 23 Smoked Salmon Candy (Indian candy)
January 16 Smoked Pork Spare Ribs Just Got Better – St. Louis/Trigg Style
January 9 Smoked Sirloin Tip Roast
January 2 Christmas Break



December 26 Christmas Break
December 19 Holiday Smoking Tips
December 12 Pork Crown Roast
December 5 Smoked Lobster Tails
November 21 Rum Injected Double Smoked Ham
November 14 Smoked Turkey Breast
November 7 Smoked Turkey with Bacon Butter
October 31 Smoked Beer Can Chicken
October 24 Smoked Pork Tenderloin on a Stick
October 17 Maple Glazed Smoked Salmon
October 10 Coffee Brined, Smoked Baby Back Ribs
October 3 Mango Habanero Smoked and Grilled Chicken
September 26 Smoked Rib Tips (Riblets)
September 19 Questions and Answers on Smoking Meat
September 12 Pork Butt Burnt Ends
September 5 Smoked Shrimp – Stuffed & Bacon Wrapped
August 29 Labor Day Edition
August 22 Hot and Fast Smoked Pulled Pork
August 15 Smoked Mac and Cheese w/ Bacon and Pulled Pork
August 8 Smoked Armadillo Eggs
August 1 Amazingly Tender Smoked Brisket
July 25 Apple Smoked Chicken in a Pie Pan
July 18 Question & Answers on Smoking Meat
July 11 Smoked Pork Country Style Ribs
July 2 Special July 4th Edition
June 27 Smoked Baby Back Rib Calzone
June 20 Smoked Jalapeno buttermilk Meatloaf on a Plank
June 13 Mini Bacon Wrapped Fatty (Easier to make – a better size to eat)
June 6 Braided Smoked Pork Tenderloins
May 30 Smoked London Broil (Top Round)
May 23 Memorial Day Cooking Tips
May 16 Smoked Pork Chops (Extra Thick)
May 9 Smoked Pulled Chicken
May 2 Smoked Chicken Quarters with Beer Barbecue Sauce Glaze
April 25 Stuffed Smoked Salmon
April 18 More Smoked Appetizers
April 11 Smoked Brisket – Making Smoked Brisket Nachos
April 4 How to Make Beef Jerky
March 28 Smoked Leg of Lamb
March 21 Smoked Ham n’ Pineapple Skewers, Whole Ham + Smoked Eggs
March 14 Smoked Corned Beef and Sauer Kraut Quesadillas
March 7 Smoking Cornish Hens + How to Smoke Quail
February 28 How to Master Smoked Pork Ribs
February 21 Smoked Chicken Cordon Bleu
February 14 Smoked Beef Short Ribs
February 7 Smoked Brisket – Slow Start, High Heat Finish
January 31 Smoked Bologna: Great  Superbowl Food
January 24 Smoked Sausage and Bacon Flatty
January 17 Smoked Chicken Satays
January 10 Smoked Pork Tenderloin Sliders + Special Sauce
January 3 Tender Smoked Chuck Roast w/ Potatoes & Carrots



December 20 Christmas Smoking Tips
December 13 Smoked Duck with Dirty Rice
December 6 Smoked Pork Sirloin Roast
November 15 Smoked Ham for Thanksgviving
November 8 Smoked Turkey Breast for Thanksgiving
November 1 Smoked Turkey Legs
October 25 Sticky Smoked Ribs
October 18 Smoked Hotdogs – Spiral Cut and Seasoned
October 4 Smoked Chicken Wings
September 20 Smoking Beef Back Ribs on a Wood Smoker (or any smoker)
September 13 Smoking Ribs without a Smoker
August 30 Labor Day Special
August 23 Smoked Spatchcock (butterflied) Chicken
August 9 Smoked Brisket/Pulled Pork Stuffed Bell Peppers
July 26 Country Style Ribs on Big Green Egg
July 12 2-2-1 Baby Backs on the Big Green Egg
June 28 July 4th – Smoked Stuffed Burgers Wrapped in Bacon
June 14 Smoked Pork Loin
May 24 Memorial Day Tips
May 3 Smoked Brisket and Burnt Ends
April 19 Honey Glazed, Orange Smoked Chicken
April 5 Smoked Rack of Lamb
March 22 Double Smoked Ham
March 1 Smoked Tri-tip (Bottom Sirloin)
February 16 Smoked Country Style Ribs on Skewers
February 2 Stuffed Smoked Meatloaf
January 19 Smoked Brisket with Onion Marinade
January 5 Smoked Tilapia with Tahini Noodles



December 15 Smoked Prime Rib
December 8 Smoked Appetizers and Party Foods
November 17 Smoked Ham w/Pineapple Jelly Glaze
November 10 Smoked Buttermilk Brined Turkey
October 27 Smoked Turkey Legs + Smoked Pumpkin seeds
October 13 Smoked Chicken Legs and Thighs
September 29 Pulled Pork + 4 Amazing Recipes
September 15 Smoked Beef Country Style Ribs
September 1 Special Labor Day Edition
August 25 Smoking Baby Back Ribs
August 11 Smoking Shrimp + How to Smoke Salt
July 28 How to Smoke Cornish Hens
July 14 Smoked Beef Back Ribs
June 30 July 4th Smoking Meat Tips
June 23 Smoked Pork Tenderloin
June 9 Smoked Steak on Horizontal Brinkmann
May 26 Memorial Day Smoke Cooking Tips
May 19 Smoking Corn, Cabbage and Potatoes
May 5 How to Smoke Meatloaf
April 21 Special Easter Edition
April 14 Smoked Hot Wings
March 31 Smoked Lamb Shanks – Amazing!!
March 17 Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breast
March 3 Stoker Review with Pulled Pork
February Apple Smoked Pork Chops
January Smoking a Chuckie (chuck roast)



December Smoked Ham & 3-2-1 Smoked Ribs
November Smoked Cranberry Brined Turkey
October Smoked Bone-inTurkey Breast
September Smoked Pork Steaks
Labor Day 2010 Smoked Chicken w/ Pictures
August Smoking Rib Planks + Bacon Wrapped Chicken Bites
July Smoking Salmon -Brining, Drying, Smoking Techniques
July 4th Q&A Session – Special Article on Smoking Brisket
June Cherry Smoked Country Style Ribs
May How to Smoke Cheese with Smoke Generator Reviews
April Smoking Brisket on the 22.5 WSM – Pics/Video
February How to Make Pastrami – Smoked Corned Beef Brisket
January Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Sausage Fatty – Bacon Explosion



December How to Smoke Ribs – Video
November Complete How to Smoke a Ham Guide – Pics/Video
October Question and Answer Session
September Country Style Smoked Boneless Beef Ribs
August Injected Smoked Buffalo Chicken (drumsticks)
July Question and Answer Session
July 4th Edition Brisket Smoking Tips for July 4th
June Smoked Boudin
May Question and Answer Session
April Smoking the Easter Ham
March Spaghetti with Smoked Meatballs
February Question and Answer Session
January Cancelled



December Smoked Ham Recipe for Christmas
November The Smoking of the Bird
October How to Smoke a Sausage Fatty
September Food and Meat Safety Tips
August Question and Answer Session
July How to Modify the Brinkmann Water Smoker (ECB)
June How to Smoke Ribs, Chicken and Bologna/Sausages for July 4th
May Smoking Boneless Pork Tenderloins
April Question and Answer Session
March Smoked Corn Beef Brisket (Almost Pastrami)
February The Amazing Use of Foil Pans While Smoking
January Cancelled



December Cancelled
November Smoking the Holiday Turkey w/ My Special Brine Recipe
October How to Sear a Brisket For Maximum Flavor and Tenderness
September Smoking Multiple Types/Sizes of Meat
August Question and Answer Session
July A Course on Smokology
June The Nuts n’ Bolts of 3-2-1 Ribs
May Questions and Answer Session
April The Four Most Important Elements of Smoking Meat
March How to Smoke Meat on a Grill – Indirect Cooking Style
February How to Smoke Trout (and other fish)
January Smoking Times and Temperatures Explained



December How to Smoke a Cured Ham
November How to Smoke Turkey Tender and Juicy
October Easy Pulled Pork Recipe
September Smoked Baby Beer Can Chickens
August Fundamentals of Smoking
July Smoked Chicken Walkthrough
June Smoked Meatloaf Extravaganza
May Smoked Country Style Ribs: Pork
April Easter Edition: Smoked Eggs
March How to Clean/Maintain Your Smoker
February How to Smoke Cornish Hens
January The Secret to Keeping Meat Juicy



December Building a Custom/Homebuilt Smoker
November More Turkey Tips and Recipes
October Turkey Smoking Tips
September Smoking Beer Can Chickens
August 4 Secrets to Smoking Brisket
July Mixing Up Some Alabama White Sauce
June Smoked Bologna
May Smoked Salmon
April Juicy Smoked Brisket
March Peach/Apple Smoked Pork Shoulder
February Cancelled
January Smoker Barbecue Cleaning Tips



December Grilling with Smoke – Adding Smoke To Burgers, etc.
November Smoking a Thanksgiving Turkey
October Cancelled
September Barbecue Forum Kickoff
August Barbecue Rubs, Marinade and Sauces