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Favorite Smoked Chicken Wings

Fav Smoked Chicken Wings Roundup Hero 2

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These smoked chicken wings recipes are made with the Big Game in mind however they are great at any party, event or just because.

I really like to smoke chicken wings whole but you can also break them up into their parts and smoke them that way as you will see in some of these recipes.

Also, it doesn't seem to make a huge difference if they are fresh or frozen. I often buy the HUGE bags of frozen wings when I need a lot of them and they work great!


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  1. Jeff-
    Not saying I’m right, but after 50 some years of stick burning, judging BBQ contests, reading voraciously, and talking to competitors AND “pellet smoker experts”, I’ve sort of come to the conclusion that 150 degrees F. is about the maximum temp. for the infusion of smoke flavor to foods. Some “pellet smoker experts” go so far as to recommend pellets made with zero bark in the pellets, so as to up the smokiness. I don’t mind being wrong not even 50 + years worth, after all, the primary goal of food prep. is to safely present delicious food to family & friends. Since I have tremendous respect for you, have been a fan for a long darned time, and know that you will not steer me wrong, I would like to get your final word on this issue. I am old-fashioned, I know, to the extent that I smoke stuff -some say needlessly- to get smoke flavor in it -I won’t even buy liquid smoke… it doesn’t even exist in my book.

    So, will I get more smoke flavor by keeping my smokers @ 125 to 150, rather than at the higher temps? Does the meat stay a bit more tender when smoked at the lower temps? Thank you for your input.


    -Richard Rowe
    Jacksonville, Illinois