This week we are talking about smoked chicken wings and while these are very similar to smoked hot wings, these are not the traditional chicken wings that are rolled in flour, fried then coated in wing sauce.

Instead these are seasoned with my rub (very good by the way), smoked with cherry wood and then brushed with my delicious barbecue sauce recipe about 30 minutes before they are finished.

We always have plenty of these at the N. Florida Gathering every year and it happens to be one of my favorite appetizers followed very closely by ABT’s.

For this newsletter, I smoked 15 pounds of wings which ended up being about 50 of them. I love filling up the smoker and now that I have a Meadow Creek wood burning smoker, that takes a little more meat than it would on the WSM or the Bradley.

I had planned to do these on the Weber Smokey Mountain but somewhere between breakfast and halfway to lunch, I got in the mood to fire up the new wood burner(if you had one you’d understand how fun it is!)

Don’t worry, you can do these very successfully on any smoker whether it’s gas, electric or charcoal. Maintain the recommended heat until the wings reach the goal temperature and you’ll be good.

I often get emails asking me if I have special recipes for electric or gas and I really don’t.

Heat + smoke x time= smoked food

Any food safe heat source that can maintain about 225 degrees will work. Add smoke by burning chips, chunks, pellets or even sawdust and you are SMOKING!

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You won’t find a better way to try out my rub and sauce than on smoked chicken wings! It’s almost as if they were designed for it. Use the rub generously before cooking them then brush on the sauce about 30 minutes before they are finished and you’ll see what I mean. In a word.. AMAZING!

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How to Make Smoked Chicken Wings

Here’s what you’ll need

  • 5-10 lbs of chicken wings (I recommend doing plenty)
  • Large foil pan (very helpful)
  • Large ziploc (2 or 2.5 gallon works great)
  • Heavy duty foil
  • Jeff’s rub recipe
  • Jeff’s sauce recipe
  • Oil, Olive, Vegetable, Canola, etc.

How to Prepare the chicken wings for smoking

This part is extremely easy.. the first step is to put all of the wings as they are into a large ziploc bag.

Put chicken wings into ziploc bag


Pour about 1/2 cup of oil over the wings and then roll them around inside the bag to coat.

Pour oil over the chicken and roll to coat


Pour 1/4 cup of my rub (order the recipe) per 3 lbs of chicken wings down into the bag. Zip it up then roll and shake the bag to coat the chicken with the rub.

Pour rub over chicken - Roll and shake to coat well


Once the chicken is coated with rub, pour them out into a foil pan for easy access.

Dump wings back into foil pan for easy access


Better get the smoker ready..

It does not matter what type of smoker you are using. I decided to use my wood smoker but you can use ANY smoker or gril.

Here’s a few examples:

*Our Bradley page
**Weber Smoky Mountain page


As long as you:

  • Maintain 250-275 degrees (a little higher temperature ensures more crispy skin)
  • Cook for about 1.5 hours or until the meat reaches 165-170 degrees


Once your smoker is maintaining about 250-275 with 275 being ideal in my opinion,

Lay the chicken wings onto the grate of your smoker trying to keep a little space between them to allow the smoke to circulate over, under and around each piece.

lay chickene wings on grate of smoker


About 30 minutes from the time when the chicken is expected to be finished, you will want to brush some of my extra delicious barbecue sauce onto the wings.

For this purpose, I wanted the sauce to be a little thinner than usual so I mixed in some Lemon-lime soda to help thin it down.

Note: you can use almost anything from water to coffee to pop and even cider or apple juice to thin down my barbecue sauce. Sometimes you just want it to flow a little more.

I just happened to have some SunDrop and that’s what I used. The lemon-lime flavor won’t hurt anything;-)

Just 2-3 tablespoons of liquid is all it takes in a cup of my barbecue sauce. Use more or less depending on how thin you want it to be.

Jeff's barbecue sauce brushed onto chicken wings


Use a digital probe meat thermometer in the meat of the wings making sure to not touch the bones to make sure that the temperature is right in the chicken. You are looking for 165-170.

When they are done, get them out quickly and place them into a foil pan or other serving platter or bowl.

This one was begging to be eaten!



Into the foil pan and into the house for serving to the hungry family and friends

Foil pan of smoked chicken wings


My oldest daughter said they were the best wings she’s ever had. Why is this significant? She’s very picky about her wings!

Try these and I know you’ll love them. I do recommend that you do these exacly as I’ve instructed the first time.




  1. Remove wings from package and place in large ziploc
  2. Pour oil onto wings and roll to coat
  3. Spoon rub over chicken in bag
  4. Roll and toss to coat well
  5. Dump wings into large foil pan
  6. Prepare smoker for cooking at 250-275 degrees
  7. Place wings on smoker grate with space between them
  8. smoke for about 1.5 hour
  9. About 30 minutes before finished, brush with my sauce
  10. The wings are done when they reach 165-170 degrees



The most popular email question that I receive is how to get chicken skin crispy and this includes whole chicken, pieces and even wings.

There are several methods you can use to help crisp up the skin a little bit

  • Flash fry the wings (after smoking) in oil that is very hot (400+ degrees)
  • Place them on a very hot grill for a few minutes after they are done smoking
  • Place them in a 350-375 degree oven for a few minutes after they’re done smoking


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