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Spaghetti with Smoked Meatballs Recipe

Smoked Meatballs In Spaghetti

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Hello dear friends and welcome to the March 2009 Smoking Meat newsletter where you will discover how to make my spaghetti with smoked meatballs recipe.

If you are one of the many who have not tried this, you are in for a very tasty treat;-)

Thank you for all of the wonderful “thank you” emails that I received last month.. I love hearing from you and although it is virtually impossible to answer every email, you need to know that it means alot to us.

Keep the suggestions flowing and if you see something wrong like a typo or some misinformation, feel free to let us know that as well.

We are striving to be the very best source for smoking meat information online and with your help we can continue to be just that!!

Spaghetti with Smoked Meatballs

Now mind you.. Italian has never and will never be my favorite brand of food. No offence to anyone, it just does not happen to be my favorite.

My wife would eat it every day if she could.

Having said that.. I have been tinkering with the idea of smoking meatballs after all, we do smoke meatloaf and hamburgers and such so it would almost have to taste delicious.

I just was not sure how it would mesh with the spaghetti.

I not being an Italian food lover do not have a favorite meatball recipe so in the effort of saving time, I decided to pick up some pre-made ones from the local grocer.

I figured if they were good then I would make my own next time.

To start off with they were frozen so I let them thaw on the counter for 30 minutes or so. They would probably have done just as well for a couple of hours in the fridge.

I used my small brinkmann water smoker with a single chimney of lump charcoal. Once the temperature got up to about 225 which was at the lower end of “Ideal” on the factory temperature gauge that came on that smoker, I placed about half of the meatballs on the lower grate just above the water pan and the other half on the top grate.

I did not count them but it was in the neighborhood of 40 meatballs total.

I threw on a handful of mesquite chips to get some smoke going quick then added 4 hickory chunks as well.

I basically walked away and let the meatballs smoke for 45 minutes. I did not really care if they were finished cooking but I did want them to have a nice smoky flavor.

The smoker bounced back and forth between 200 and 225 the entire time and the smell was tantalizing to say the least. I was almost tempted to grab one and eat it but decided not to since they were pre-frozen.

At the 45 minute mark I took them off and brought them into the house where my wife had her famous sauce ready and waiting.

We dumped in the meatballs for about 7 minutes and that was that.

I snuck one into my mouth when my wife wasn't looking and I knew that I had a winner.

We plated the noodles and poured the tomato based sauce with mushrooms and meatballs over the spaghetti. My wife added a little cream on top as she normally does and we were ready to eat.

The family thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the amazing thing was that the smoke added something to the spaghetti that can only be experienced.

I have gone back to the leftovers at least 3 times now and every time it seems to get even better. The second time around, the smoke had really gotten into the sauce and as it was heating in the microwave it filled the house with an aroma that made everyone come to see what was cooking!

I highly recommend that you get your favorite spaghetti recipe, almost every family has one, and your favorite sauce recipe whether you make your own as my wife does or buy the pre-made kind and add some smoked meatballs to it.

Your family will love it and I guarantee that it will be something you do again and again.

Now to find a good homemade meatball recipe…


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