Smoked Appetizers and Party Foods

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  1. John
    November 25, 2015

    Trying something a little different with the ABT’s for a TG app. Stuffing is cream cheese, cheddar cheese, venison sausage + Jeff’s rub. Stuffing the whole jalapeno and wrapping in prosciutto instead of bacon. I’ll send pics and comments when done..


  2. Karl B
    October 1, 2015

    I made the stuffed mushrooms but used a 1/4 cup crumbled bacon instead of the chives. Freaking amazing!!


  3. Bob
    December 30, 2014

    We call the ABTs “Wolf Turds” out here. I use spicy chorizo and cream cheese as the stuffing.

    I also make what I call “Puppy Turds”, which are the Wolf Turds, but I use the small bell peppers instead of jalapenos, for those who don’t quite want the heat.

    Another good one is a basic marinated stew meat, wrapped in bacon, and sprinkled with rub. Quick, easy, and tasty.


  4. Darren
    November 27, 2013

    Going to smoke a couple of your appetizers tomorrow and not sure when to add the rub for the bacon wrapped meatballs.  Do i mix it in with the meat, egg, etc, or do i sprinkle it on after i wrap w/bacon like the bacon wrapped chicken bites-Or does it even really matter?:-) i think they'll be amazing either way

    Thanks so much for doin' whacha do!

    PS-Everyone single one of your recepies i have tried freaking ROCK!!!


  5. Bill Hyatt
    October 31, 2013

    I tried using mayo on the drunk chicken as a binder to hold the spices. It worked perfect, I thought I loved it but the skin did not crisp up. As to the liquid. I have been doing drunk chickens for twenty years and I cannot tell the taste from any liquid I have tried. beer, soda, water, juice and and it all tast the same but it may be the healthist chicken we can cook.

    You do a great job of presentation and the pictures add a lot and are very helpful.

    keep up the good work.


  6. Greg
    October 31, 2013

    Great Recipes as always. Keep em comming!


    • larry Guntle
      December 30, 2014

      Jeff I have your smoking meat book. Is the Jeffs Rub recipe you keep referring to in that book? Thanks.


      • Jeff Phillips
        January 2, 2015

        The (2) recipes for my rub and my barbecue sauce that I sell on the website and in the newsletter are not included in the book. We have opted to keep them separate since so many people have purchased them prior to the book being published.

        Please let me know if you have further questions about the book or the recipes.


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