The Smoking Basics eCourse

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Due to the huge number of emails I receive on a daily basic concerning different aspects of smoking meat, I have put together a basic course which covers most of the things a person new to the smoking arena or maybe even those who are somewhat proficient but would like to brush up on some of the things that they do but don't really know why.

Regardless of the reasoning.. this 5-Day eCourse is a great way to tune up your smoking skills.

Fill in your name and email address below to get started.. you will receive one installment per day for a period of 5 days.

As always.. I promise to keep your email address secure from those who would seek to use it unwisely. I will never rent, sell, lend, or give your information away to anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

I also have the eCourse available in PDF format and the expanded version available in mp3.

Check out the other options below:


Download the Smoking Basics eBook

If you are impatient or just in a big hurry and would like to get the entire course in PDF format within minutes from now then you can do that.. for only $3.99 you can get it in a more readable format and it is easy to save to your desktop or to send to your friends.

The $3.99 covers the fees I pay to have it delivered automatically for me and occasionally buys me a cup of coffee at starbucks.

Click here to get it now!


Download the Expanded Audio Version as mp3

Also available as a mp3 file if you are fortunate enough to have high speed/broadband internet access. Click here to order..

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About Jeff Phillips

Long time Industrial Engineer turned self-proclaimed fire poker, pitmaster and smoke whisperer and loving every minute of it!


  1. Matt Hillson says:


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  3. Perhaps you should think about binding your 5 day course and selling through your site for parcel post delivery.  I for one would buy it.

  4. Lou Aiello says:

    5 – day course enrollment!

  5. Bill Neff says:

    5 day eCource enrollment. Thank you.

  6. Courtney Thompson says:

    5-Day eCourse please.

  7. Robert Jay says:

    5 day e-course, Thanks in advance!

  8. I'd like the 5 day e-course. Thank you.

  9. 5 Day e-course please!

  10. I'd like the e course please

  11. Richard Aldrich says:

    5 day course please.  thks


  12. E course please

  13. Randy Crites says:

    I'd like the 5 day eCourse please

  14. Melanie Mowery says:

    5 day e-course please. Thanks!

  15. Keith Graeve says:

    5 day e-course please.  Thank you!

  16. I'd like the 5 day e-course please.  Thank you!!

  17. Daniel Agren says:

    5-day e-course please! Thanks!

  18. All of you who have asked for the eCourse over the last few days, I have set you up for it. Also the self-signup form is now working again so you can put your name and email address in the box above and it should start sending you the 5 chapters (one per day) right away. If you don't see it, check your spam filters.

  19. Howard Pachman says:

    THANKS !!

  20. Ron Lambert says:

    Jeff is it possible to get the E-course emailed to me again.I lost mine on an old computer that crashed.Thank You

    Ron Lambert   P.S. I got your rub and sauce recipe from my wife for christmas and they are now all i use. I also have your book. Thank's for everything you do on this site! (:



  21. Fred Belli says:

    Jeff, great site you have here.  I own a Bradley and just love it.  Right now I have a corned beef brisket on.  Can't wait to taste it.  Anyways, I didn't get your first 2 installments of your 5 day ecourse.  Is it possible for you to resend it to me.  Thanks

  22. 5-day (or 30 day) please sir.

  23. Thank you Jeff!

  24. Hey Jeff, I just paid to have it delivered all at once (I have some free time on my hands today). How do I download it?



  25. Robert Domulevicz says:

    I have been smoking meats the past two years but I am always interested in becoming better at it so please sign me up

  26. Mark Horner says:

    trying to get on the website offered 5 day course


  27. Hey Jeff, I’d like to try that ecourse as well. Beginner/amateur smoker here!

  28. Ellen Enns says:

    Would love to receive your 5 day email course. Thanks so much.

  29. Mark L.(bigboi) says:

    I am a newbie to this forum and to smoking meat. I would love to recieve your 5 day course. thank you.

  30. Would be great to get the 5 day course!

  31. William Sanders says:

    I did not receive 1st chapther of Free 5 Day eCourse,email again please, thank you

  32. Jeff, for some reason I have not received my Chapter 4 of my e-course.  I have received each of the others, but not 4.  Please re-send.

    Thanks, Fay

  33. 5-day e-course enrollment -


  34. Sandy McBee says:

    Please add me to your 5 day smoking ecourse

  35. EagleTRL57 says:

    I would love to sign up for the 5-day ecourse.


  36. Deborah Bode says:

    I would love to have the e-course sent to me!


  37. Michael says:

    E course please. Tx

  38. Dean Hengel says:

    confirmation of interest in e-course.


  39. Hey, sign me up please. Sounds like good educational material. ;-)

  40. I have an old Brinkman charcoal (R2D2) as I call it. I modified but looking to upgrade to a larger unit.

    Can anyone help me with the pros/cons of the following smokers:

    Propane/Wood Chips

    Electric/Wood Chips

    Charcoal/Wood Chips

    Wood Only

  41. Many thanks for this fine effort to help us all out. Much appreciated. 

  42. Would like to get the e-course, thanks for putting this together. Getting ready to get an MES 40 gen II and a Maverick Et733 (or two). A couple years ago I got a propane smoker and I’m in a windy area and have problems keeping the thing lit for low and slow so I’m hoping this smoker will work well.

  43. Jason Spragg says:

    Can I enrol for the 5 day E-Course please Jeff.

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